Stop Complaining, Find a Solution Thanksgiving Filipino BBQ in Australia 2 days ago   10:01

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When you find yourself or others complaining. Story time getting injured. Life philosophy & motivation. Australia Vlog 63.

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B Adventures, Australian travel vlogger.

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dude! take care your hands since they're very useful when you're old and lonely
Erik de la cruz
.......ouch! that sucks......reminded me of when my toenail got crushed by my dumbell.......accidents happen bro.......hope you'd get well soon....... :[
Rene Sarabia
Man, I hope your hand gets well soon.
The Journey
Ok, bro keep preaching I like it! Positivity is key
mark santos
Perfect time to go to the Philippines and Recover!
Jane Dudynsky
I'm right handed too. I had an operation on my right hand years ago. I was out of work for a month but while recovering I tried to do things with my left hand. Hard but I managed, my motto "think positive ". Get well soon my friend.
Scuba Tom
I must be strange, and I don't get to excited about most things. Even when I lost air at 100' while diving when my o ring went out on my tank. By the time I realized it I was out of air. I just calmly blew bubbles while heading to the top. I learned, always have an alternate source of air when diving without a buddy. I live life easy, take it as it comes.
It happened to me once. The worse is to learn to jackoff with the other hand. But somehow I found the inner strength to carry on.
Scott Lisenbury
Great video buddy. It's so hard to separate the two sides, but it's a must if you want to be happy and productive.
Hope your hand is better. It's all about the Id, Ego and SuperEgo. It just comes to show that we're human. All the complaining and cussing is to release all that tension, like a volcano waiting to erupt. Your logical mind tells you in the end that it's your fault for not being more careful.
Debt management101
awesome vlog keep making video B 👍👍👍
Rocco-Gil Dizon
Hey bro, be safe bc we all need you in the PI for another season. 😊
👍👍...thanks for sharing those insights...Take care
Kriss Bartlett
Melow out Brendan hahha relax man surelly you get sickness time off im a lefty but do alot with both hands i type both hands also go get tetnus booster dude and doctor should look at it
Sir Dino
recover well B
michael j
I am left handed , so for me to write right handed I like a two year old almost impossible lol, so I know how you feel , but strangely I throw right handed and shave right handed very strange. Hope the hand gets better soon take care . Nice vlog
Derek Tolliday
Yeah we always complain a little bit, yesterday I stubbed my little toe on the bathroom door hurt like hell, could not wear my slippers but today a lot better 😉 , hope you’re hand heals quickly I think at the end of the day we have to be
Positive thanks for sharing 👍 .
loyalty loyalty666
Hey mate we are lloyalty 4 U don't worry about it we are all the WAY with you your FAN THAT'S WHY WE COOLED
Edgardo T. Lugo
Be careful brother...
I hope you got health insurance dude...
Get well soon...
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Thanksgiving Filipino BBQ in Australia Stop Complaining, Find a Solution 2 days ago   06:58

Thanksgiving Filipino BBQ, grilling marinated pork skewers. Banana ketchup & Mang Tomas sauce. Australia vlog 50.

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B Adventures, Australian travel vlogger.