Erosion and Soil Top 10 Most Amazing Science Experiments 4 months ago   07:36

Jared explains why erosion occurs more slowly when soil is paired with leaf debris or plants, in this simple demonstration you can try at home or in class!

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Sonika Suwalka
Really good
Alondra Ramirez
the radioactive pineapple
This channel is so cool I love it.
Radioactive Potato
So um u telling us dat we should pour water on grass instead of dirt? Kk
Crimsyn Vaotuua
Sorry to ask but what type of soil did you use ?
Joshua Marshall
Good Job
Isaiah Drouin
Coffee Bean
thanks for the science fair project
Rylie Johnson
Thank you so much! You have helped me tons on my business project!
Srch76 Game

ok no
Dario Detaro
This vid helps me alot to my test of my school(science)
Gobygoby883 MochilA
Hello you want to be mi friend
Leonardo Roberto
this video helped me figure out wtf science is
Broarmy Gaming
Congrats for 74k subs keep it up don’t give up on you
Leonardo Roberto
Ah hell yea
Svetla Nikolova
I have a spot that gets a lot of water that caused erosion on my land! I am in the process of gathering a lot of compost and hey from my goat cage that I will dump on that spot! I am also gathering the left over wood chips and leaves that will be tightly compacted in that spot ! After I am done filling the hole with organic materials I plan to plant something like clover ! Do you think that will fix my erosion problem?
DJ Lozano
Was good
Cuber 1881
2:51 references XD
Albi • Hoxha
This is so helpful for my school project. Thank you 😊
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Top 10 Most Amazing Science Experiments Erosion and Soil 4 months ago   10:07

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