Erosion and Soil Copper's Surprising Reaction to Strong 3 months ago   07:36

Jared explains why erosion occurs more slowly when soil is paired with leaf debris or plants.

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Elijah Garcia
good job buddy
Gabriella Flores
good job
Alex Minh Nguyen
I like this experiment.
Dire Howell
I love it hi im 10 and this means a lot I need to know this stuff to get good grades but umm im a youtuber look up kraken kid I work with alantic craft and I love to learn not I don't like school but this is helping ;)
Jeevan Sree V.S.
Can you make a video about soil pollution please
Thanks a lot, this video was very fun to watch and very informative. I learned a lot !!! Continue like that !!!!!
Chandanie Jaikaran
What are 3 interesting facts about soil and 3 interesting facts about erosion based on this video?
Sanjiv Kumar
Lisa Hamel
This is awesome! I didn't have time to do a erosion experiment with my son, and this was the perfect replacement. He loved it!
Dizzy Hero0.0
My name is jared
Nisha KS
Good idea
vaishali nt
Thanks again for YouTube
Better than anyone
Frog with a hat
i like to
with my
Debbie Owen
For school
Debbie Owen
Really helped me with my project
Zane Zang
He is so slow
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Copper's Surprising Reaction to Strong Erosion and Soil 3 months ago   07:46

In this video I experiment with Lenz's Law And Faraday's Law of Induction to generate electricity and magnetic force fields in copper. Check out my sponsor Brilliant for a really fun way to learn!

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