Gingrich: Trump was right, 'deep Newt Gingrich calls Trump 2 days ago   05:07

Fox Business
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., on former Vice President Trump's Joe Biden's 2020 presidential bid and President Trump's 'Hannity' interview.

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Comments 1046 Comments

James Francis
You should never be in a position to say an AG may believe in the rule of law !
Pam Coker
Biden is not mentally stable to run for President or any other office! Think he’s been in his son Hunter’s crack. He slurs to much
Tomas Lee
Trump is half Mexican.
Randy Hodder
Democratic Party needs to be compared to the NAZIPARTY....OUTLAWED...ABOLISHED!!!
Newt, the past is just that, the past. We need you back in office of some kind that could make a difference.
Marilyn Dargis
Get the FISA judge none are above the law also prosecutors with this ridiculous cloak of immunity M
Marilyn Dargis
Why is it that President Trump is so disregarded and disrespected
..I appreciate him and his efforts to keep me safe M
I think you would add greatly to the interview if you did not continue to speak over the person who is responding to you. Otherwise good show.
Old Newt is cashing in on all this with a book and appearances. Hey thats capitalusm so good for him.
Pam Doyle
Pres Trump’s hair was big news—what about Joe’s facelift?
Richard Pruett
The Deep State attempted a coup, sure. But how do you think the Deep State came into power in the first place? It was none other than the secret coup of 1963. Until we expose the truth in the JFK assassination, the Deep State will continue its treason.
Harry Kuheim
Fry Obama and his Deep State Goons...
Eileen Nelson
The government can assail the corrupt cabal in the deep state, but Assange and Snowden are criminals when they reveal what is really going on?.
Marlowe Dugger
These idiots don't understand Collusion. It means getting together in an evil self fulling intent to deceive like obstruction
Mark Born
the hypocrites of the left dems is unbelievable.
Julian Sadler
Set Term Limits only way to Stop Corruption and stick to it No politician can be in office longer than set Term Limits.. Period
Charles Tew jr
Untill Trump i never would have thought the press was so dishonest, so one sided so bias. I do not watch abc, nbc cbs, why should i? I like factual news not this inacurate FAKE stuff they are passing for news. And think it took Donald Trump of all people to expose them. Mr president i love you and i thank you for what you have done for our country
Don FitzGerald
Biden. What a joke. This guy is a piece of disgusting scum.
FooBar Maximus
Trump is still in deep, deep legal trouble. Don't you wackos believe this is over. He will wind up in jail for his crimes. Enjoy your delusions while you can.
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Newt Gingrich calls Trump Gingrich: Trump was right, 'deep 2 days ago   14:09

Newt Gingrich calls Donald Trump a stunningly effective president and reporters "a bunch of idiots" who are too focused on gossip. Gingrich also says Trump could kill NAFTA if he wanted to.
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