How Sweden Balances High Taxes The TRUTH about Taxes in Sweden- 1 day ago   08:21

Taxes are a big political issue the United States. Progressive Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have proposed higher taxes on wealthy Americans to help fund generous state welfare programs. Sweden, and other Nordic countries, are often now used as successful examples of nations that collect high taxes without hurting employment or their economies. Here’s a look at how Sweden pulls it off.

The April 15 deadline for federal tax returns is fast approaching. At the same time, taxing the wealthy is becoming a big political issue in the leadup to the 2020 presidential election.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., proposed a 70 percent marginal tax rate on wealthy Americans as part of her co-sponsored Green New Deal in February. Since then, wealth inequality and taxes have become a common platform among Democratic presidential hopefuls.

That 70% sounds like a big number, but there’s another country where some workers are paying similar taxes. Sweden.

“The short version of the story is that Sweden and other Nordic countries ... have high taxes and they have fairly good economic performance,” Torben Andersen, a professor in the Department of Economics and Business Economics at Aarhus University in Denmark, told CNBC. “And the simple explanation is that you cannot judge the effect of taxes without knowing what they are financing.”

Sweden is known to have some of the highest taxes in the world. At the same time, unemployment is low and the country has posted better GDP numbers than the United States in recent years. Here’s how a country with fewer than 10 million people pulled it off.
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How Sweden Balances High Taxes And Growth

Comments 1339 Comments

Would you pay more in taxes for better health-care or more social services?
Shaun Zaarrae
The US population is 33 times that of Sweden.
Social & racial justice = freebies for low IQ incompetent people!
Martin J
I am just working less because it now worth it with the progressive tax levels. Had two jobs once, got slaughtered in taxes, and decided it wasn't worth working that many hours. I had expected to get roughly $5 for every $10 I earned, but it was more like $3 for every $10 in the end. And no I didn't make ten million dollars a year, or one million. it was not even $200k more like about $100k.
Just wait when USA pull out its Military and another recession takes place
Need remember, Sweden not fight in the different wars for last 100 years. It is very important for any economy.
wadi tejada
This seems like a propaganda video more than educational.
Vote for Andrew Yang 2020
5:52 I think you mean tax krona.
Bryne Lanham
We are taxed heavily already. For instance we have Federal income tax, Social Security tax (which is split at 6.2 percent from you and 6.2 from your employer) medicare tax, state tax, local city tax where we work, local city tax where we live, state sales and gasoline tax, property tax, vehicle registration tax, excise taxes on cell and isp providers that are pass through-----and that's basic life in some states. There are way more in everyday life and most of us unwittingly get taken to the bank for over 50% of our money. There are too many variables for that style of taxation to work here in the U.S. Taxes are killing me---i own absolutely nothing and still get killed on taxes.
Petter !
Sweden has become a communist state and are replacing the Swedes with Arabs and Africans.
Please help us now!
U Haul
Thurr U go

High taxes
High asylum seeker influx
High rapes
High gang bangs
High califate takeova

Let's all welcum 3rd world diversitay
I laughed my ass off when they showed something typical like Ikea, but with a Dutch flag out front xD
Ahhh, Sweden. Using tax payer money for real things, not military communism. Too bad there weather is cold.
Makes a video about Sweden then calls a Danish person
The corporate tax is Sweden is only 22% but profits are taxed at an additional 30% and the payroll tax is 32%. An additional 20% tax is paid on profits over $50k and 25% on profits over $70k.
So if you have employees or take out a salary or profit from the business you're always paying over 45%. If you have a large business you have to pay anywhere from 45% to 99% tax. You do not even get to keep half of your earnings.
90% of taxes go to fund mass immigration and a broken pension system. Schools and hospitals are overcrowded, police and teachers are quitting their jobs and all successful businesses are moving abroad.
Most of Sweden's economic growth happened between 1860 and 1960 when taxes were below 10%. Low taxes created the present wealth which is being ruined by government incompetence.
Michael Hrisca
This video clearly is a case for socialism using a capitalist country. What a load of junk.
Henry Law
IKEA is a Dutch company. It pulled out of Sweden due to the high taxes. The Swedish tax system is a disaster. It locks the low skilled into unemployment.

Public services are a shadow of what they were. And money is squandered on useless infrastructure. The one tax that ought to be increased - is absurdly low. Unemployment figures are massaged by changing the definition of who is unemployed.
I do not recognise the Sweden I live in from the description. It sounds like another country altogether - an imaginary Sweden.
Noble Tarkan
An important issue not covered by this discussion is "legacy infrastructure". If you have a country like the US that has very high infrastructure costs e.g. roads, power, water and so on (in part due to a growing population and aging infrastructure) then your government costs are significantly higher. Also, the US spends a lot of money on the military... and finally, the more diverse a population base is the higher the social costs - something its politically incorrect to say as there are a lot of people running around saying "diversity is our strength" - they need a better education in history. People not speaking English or having different social standards puts considerable costs on the system. Finally, the US has significantly higher legal costs, more incarceration and so on. But recently, these costs have all increased in Sweden as well... for reasons I'll leave to your imagination that are not due to the 'global slowdown' lol.
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The TRUTH about Taxes in Sweden- How Sweden Balances High Taxes 1 day ago   13:08

Just how bad are taxes in Sweden? Take a guess before you watch this video- how much of my monthly salary goes to taxes? 30%? 40%?

Watch and you might be surprised by the real answer...

Curious about how you file taxes in Sweden? Check this out:


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