Burj Dubai Evolution Dubai Evolution from 1960 2 days ago   04:28

A new video about Burj Dubai where you can see the tower construction months after months. This video was made with Google Sketchup and with help of burjdubaiskyscraper.com !

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Jario Dias
Wouuuuu is very big Burj kalifa
Dudu Channel
Why there is Naruto Music?
Akam T
Prison break opening.
Amine Azhari
tu hmida
Pietro Smusi
Aryo Seno
656,10/1000 km= 0,6561 km approx....
Aryo Seno
1000m=1 km....
656,10m = 656,10/1000 km......
Moises Jinete Piñeres
actually the burj dubai is 828 meters high
Suhayb jundi
He him
Go dubai we love you.you are the best of best
Francis Ryo Soriano
From the South perspective I was like: They built the top first?
raumaan kidwai
i meant not
raumaan kidwai
its nit standard west numbers in the middle east. the burj khalifa/burj dubai is 0.514 miles tall
Linh Nguyen
Can anyone tell me:
- was this video made before or after the skyscraper finished?
- and is it used for any purpose in the completion of this project?
I'm gonna use this video to discuss about BIM technology for my presentation task in University.
Thank all!
Chenlin Goh
656,10 meters? 6.5Km? are you serious?!
r u gonna do an updated one?
CHuck Norris Can build Burj Dubai in 1 day :D
is this model available to download ?? :)
its class !! :P
Don't get lost in the world's distractions. Everything you see is passing away.
You are invited to to my channel to see a 3:47 minute video to put things in perspective. Don't give up--you are not alone and money can't buy what you are looking for. Peace.
The view must be great, I've always wanted to see sand for 95 kms in every direction LoL. CNT FTW.
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Dubai Evolution from 1960 Burj Dubai Evolution 2 days ago   04:41

Visual Effects time-lapse film showing Dubai evolution over 58 years and 5 years of expected projects completion by 2021.
Dubai’s transformation and development as a city over the last decade is certainly unmatched on a regional basis.
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The Hub Report 2018 clearly ranks UAE 1st in the region in “Ease of Doing Business”
Read the full report: https://bit.ly/2IQOQJN

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