These Sony earbuds do what Sony's newest truly wireless 1 day ago   05:58

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The Sony WF-1000XM3 are the company’s true wireless earbuds with noise cancellation. The $230 M3s launch in August and offer better battery life and a more stable connection. These are its best answer to the AirPods.

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The Verge
What wireless earbuds are you using now?
Christopher Chafin
I really hate how every review of bluetooth earbuds tests the latency from the Youtube app on their phone. NEWSFLASH: Apps like Youtube have bluetooth compensation which delays the video to be in sync with the audio. The reason this is an issue is because what if the streaming service you use doesn't have that compensation? Or the app does but not the website version on your laptop? Or you want to play a game on your laptop or phone? YOU WILL NOTICE A DELAY in those circumstances.
A.W. R-C
No sweat/water resistance and only connecting to one device are a real downer.
Nathan Budd
Do they flash when in use? Really annoys me lying in bed using headphones and they flash a bright light in the corner of my eye
Sapiens Strength
Tried multiple earbuds over the years. I prefer Bose Soundsport for gym and active life; AirPods for travel & day to day living
the biggest issue.... def. no ipx ..... sorry nothing for me ;/
Can 2 people share these and listen at the same time (i.e. one earbud per person)?
Davey Enjan
Well. They do make some good and great product. It just never caught your attention because it is not made in the USA as most of you prefer, and it's not Apple. Because it's made by Asia company.
Hussam Mohammed Hassan Ali Hassan
Does the noise cancellation WORK WITHOUT music ? Or you have to have the Music ON ??
Glenford Mendez
the problem with sony they are not perfecting the sync on Video
I treasure the details on video content. Much thanks!
Shank Adams
does it work with play station?
Henry Q
what i want from earbuds is to FEEL the same. i want to be inside the music. none made me feel that yet
rahul k
Yea haters...Sony is back in his kingdomm...juz kneeellll😎
Ed Hudley
You lost me at nor being able to pair two devices at once. I carry an iPhone and iPad on a daily basis.
John Daryl Ocampo
Well shot video!!!! And great overview of the buds!
Wow that battery life is awesome! Elite 65t still better
V. Sriram Sundar
These gestures are already in Google Pixel Buds. As a true Apple fan.
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Sony's newest truly wireless These Sony earbuds do what 1 day ago   05:18

Sony's next-generation true wireless earphones, the WF-1000XM3, may finally make it a player in the totally wireless headphone arena. The earbuds feature excellent sound and active noise cancellation, and might give Apple's AirPods a run for their money.

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