Tech Talk - Clint Bowyer Late Model Setup Basics 3 months ago   21:26

iRacing's Steve Reis sits down with Anthony Burroughs of Clint Bowyer Racing to discuss Dirt Late Model setups.

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This is an awesome interview. I must confess that my version of nascar 2000 allowed me to have full mods. I feel so bad that it got lost along the way
Raymond Chapman
they run 18 degrees camber in the rf...all we can run is like iRacing ??
Raymond Chapman
wow...535 at Eldora !
Matthew Davis
If they are changing that much during a night of racing, no wonder they don't run any better than they do.
AAA Cup Series
When is the new damage coming out?
Father Fruit
is it just me or are they infront of a green screen? 🤔
swSephy | Sim Racing
Excellent info. Thanks for this!
I think one of these guys just got kicked out of a hosted plate race I was just in. Don't know why or what for but I doubted it because the guys name was "ClintBowyer Racing" and you're not allowed to use names like that, and other pro drivers use their actual names like you're supposed to. I see Tony Stewart from time to time and he uses his actual name.

But now that I see this video, maybe it was Clint or someone in his crew. Go figure.
Lost in Tennessee
10 years ago you could fight in the top 10-15 of these series with a car worth 20-25K, no chance of even making shows with these 80-90k cars, they really let these cars get out of hand.
Blu Games
great interview
Matt Hartley
Great video, thanks!
Jeff Ooms
would love to see this on a GTE car, LMP1 if they would allow this much detail. really any road car haha
This was really awesome!
Mathew Bertsch
As a fan of dirt late model racing this is a great interview to see. So much information and nuances surrounding a very complex car built by a competitive team. Well done iRacing.
I'd kill to see one of these with a NASCAR team, maybe Jr Motorsports would be willing.
Great interview, thanks iRacing
I'm over the bars right now.
Fred Golden
All this info didn't help me a lick because I'm an idiot, but I sure did enjoy it.
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Late Model Setup Basics Tech Talk - Clint Bowyer 3 months ago   09:20


The video many have been asking for. It's my first video on setting up a late model in iRacing! This covers really basic stuff, however I will likely cover more advanced shock and spring setups in a future video. Didn't want to make this one too long, and anyway you should be ready to go out of the gate with these tips.