Looking Inside My Toyota Prius CRASHES: 2016 Toyota Prius 1 day ago   17:25

Hoovies Garage
Thanks to J&J Auto Wrecking for continuing to rescue my hoopties with spare parts http://www.jandjautowrecking.com/

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Hoovies Garage
Thanks J&J Auto wrecking for the parts. Check them out for all your weird auto parts needs!
Aaron Loggan
Sounded to me like he over revved it.
Do some crazy performance based upgrades in this prius
You said you are getting a Raptor?!!
That calls for a V6 Prius I think 🤔 do itttt!!!
5:06 when you discover your her ass has a hole
Shain Andrews
Wait... Prius is equipped with traction control? I'm starting to think Toyota has a wicked dry sense of humor.
Bob Sacamano
As Hoovie is telling how he blew up his engine, Car Wizard is trying really hard not to laugh 😂
Properly tune it!!!
Brendon Roy
Do you get to choose the contents of the ads that play on your YouTube channel ? Like for example, do you want mostly car ads (similar theme to your channel). Just curious how that works? Thanks!
That has to be the dumbest thing you have ever done dude...
It’s a little interesting that the channel named Hoovies Garage has no idea how nitrous or engines work
Macht Schnell
Fuel with nitro-methane the next time. Hilarity will ensue.
Masashi Iino
What if you put a 3S-GTE with a manual too?
Alias Nineteen
Hang on to that Imperial. It's not quite this 'pure' specimen, but awesome on its own.

1963 Chrysler Imperial CROWN CAD$95,000, 4,857 mi
the wagon of time
Get a travel trailer for the land cruiser.
Bryce The Dice
That voice crack at 2:16 tho I’m dead 😂😂😂
markam campbell
a little hammering a little heat and it will run just fine.
1 second on nitrous and the engine is gone. Weakest thing ever :)
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CRASHES: 2016 Toyota Prius Looking Inside My Toyota Prius 1 day ago   03:06

The latest generation Autonomous Emergency Braking systems are not only able to detect vehicles ahead but also in more challenging situations where pedestrians are at risk of being run over. By braking the car automatically, the system helps to avoid or mitigate a crash. In the Prius tests, the standard fitted “Toyota Safety Sense” effectively recognised potential crashes with pedestrians and cars and has helped the Prius achieve the first 5 star rating in 2016.

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