20 Acres of Abandoned New Jersey Property Abandoned Campground Log Cabin House 2 months ago   18:30

Amyy Sativa
For those of you that have shown great interest in the abandoned places me and Neighborly find and explore during our free time, I made sure to bring along my video camera.

This property is a little over 20 acres and is located in Northern New Jersey. It is owned by the State.

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graciela umpierre
Would you share the address?
Cecilia Houston
Very nicely done :) Hope you make more.
Al Vasquez
hello please send to me that address
Bruce Paterson
sad legacy for a family-probably a foreclosed property
Shannon Rae
Like the start of a horror movie
Dominic Hester
the medicine cabinet is where they kept petty cash
John Perrone
Had to laugh when he opens the pizza box!
The hardwood floors are worth salvaging. I hope someone gets them before they get destroyed completely.
where is this i wanna smoke and go explore
sandra osheasandra01
it was a nice house at one time. but it was nice to see it was not all torn up. the handles on the cabinets.looks like my old home. i also like the out side of it.
Robert Gibson
whats the address I would like to see what the state wants for it...
Ruth Pullis
nice place
Watch out for snakes.
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Abandoned Campground Log Cabin House 20 Acres of Abandoned New Jersey Property 2 months ago   04:01

The Abandoned Camp Albocondo in Toms River New Jersey. This property has been abandoned for over 15 years.