Let's play LEGO STAR 7 Times You Won by Throwing Money at Your 1 day ago   14:05

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Jazzy Fabbry
What a house!
I played the OG wii Lego star wars, the better one.
jonathan alvarez
Brutal legend long play?
Zach B
Hey can we go test out that fire resist potion?
not boring. keep going with your free time.
Me thinking he’s gonna play the original LEGO Star Wars: I’ve been looking forward to this.

Me realizing he’s playing LEGO Star Wars the force awakens: reality is often disappointing.
Ya Boi
1918 is the oldest house they got 😭😂 we got houses older than 1818 in the uk
Kat Lynch
Do you ship Reylo jack?
Viables HD
Alexander Rogers
Dude i freaking love you man. You and my Dad have to be long lost buddies because you and him talk exactly the same! MALACHI CRUNCH!!
Wartime Productions
U should’ve done LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga
pshyco slayer
But jablins was jables
Chris Jack Online
I don’t understand the reason or the goal of your channel ...
Matthew Bryant
yo man, are you sure that isn't water in that glass bulb? if you throw that on a grease fire in the kitchen, it's going to burn the fur off your head and set the walls on fire; always teach your kids about proper grease fire procedure, never know when they may flip a pan full of churro Greece onto a benson burner hooked up to some propane and decide water is a good fire retardant, cause for grease, it ain't. that's some eagle scout tip there... and I watched an Eagle Scout screw this up and set the grass and a kids legs on fire by throwing water on a grease fire...
Simple Ton
Did he say Hung solo? 😂..... Luke Skyballer
Tech Table
This video brought to you by Xbox and Starbucks. Hope he's getting paid.
Spencer Jones
Jack Black you rock man! I'm a Huge fan of yours.
Rhys Perrett
Star wars Jack black I like this
Orange County is the best Jack Black movie in the history of Orange County films.
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7 Times You Won by Throwing Money at Your Let's play LEGO STAR 1 day ago   12:08

Most games tend to have some kind of monetary system in them, but some open up opportunities for an easy win. Here are the games where the best way to complete the game is to just splash the cash.


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