Democrats Take Control of the House: Trump Mocks GOP Candidates Who Didn't 7 months ago   10:22

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth takes a closer look at Democrats winning back control of the House of Representatives tonight for the first time in eight years, putting Trump’s agenda in serious danger.
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Democrats Take Control of the House: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Comments 5595 Comments

Grace Spurling
trump will be impeached all I can say is he wont be president for another term it's not happening
Santa Christ
It’s been months but I’m still ecstatic that Laura Kelly is now the Governor of Kansas. When I voted for her I never actually thought she’d win. If you’re not from Kansas a quick rundown She has-

Protected LGBT labor and marriage rights
Increased funding for education
Stopped anti-abortion laws
Removed Governor Brownback’s harmful tax cuts to the wealthy
And the funniest thing about all of this is that he Certification of Governorship was issued by Kris Koback the guy she beat.
Jesse F
Ancient Rome had Nero, he is best known for completely being out of his mind and ran the
craziest empire ever! He left his entire empire with feelings of anger and dissatisfaction, along with  a path of chaos behind him, sound familiar?
I don't think the second dick counts if it's usually called a personality
Manuel Morales
There is no such thing as free energy and there is no such thing as free health care. Someone will have to pay. Someone will have to WORK and make the MONEY!!!
Ascendent Giga #Supremacy
Republican take your money and tell you

Democrats take your money a lie about it
the real robert e lee missouri confederate
They talk too much and never shut up
Im NOT a Trump fan.. BUT looking back I am happy that you americans didnt vote fore the criminal and corrupt Hillary.
Please make a show about her to prove you are not bias
Teri Browning
We. Gor. Worst All. TrumpDog. In. WDC
satains fellowers
PrincessMegan Elsa
When did they Win ? Last night ? This Real ? 🤔
Genesis Gaming
Peter Vesalius
How the hell did Ted Cruz win?? Everybody hates Ted Cruz. It's just one of those things that's known. It's probably in the Bible somewhere!
Graf von Rix
“Obama rescued the economy” that’s the best joke I’ve heard from this clown.
Rock About
I hope Democrats start quick - they might have just two years.
GSP- the chosen one
Seth is the best talk show host in the world! Love his jokes
1. The dick up his ass.
2. The original dick.
FaustusFBI 3760
On Orders (Operation Peter Pan: 124816ABX):
"I'll tell you what game we're playing. It's called Captain's Orders (the personal initiative plan and future policy). I sit in the Captain's chair and you all run the ship. If I have to make orders it's called theft of orders and this game is over. If I poke my head out it better be moving. If I'm on deck I have business there. I'll tell you this, every Captain is the same and you had better be on your initiative plan." This one goes in the trash, this one gets filed...this one goes under the policy, this one under the initiative in the Navy, this one goes under resolve and rank...on to hard calls...look at the number of challenges and protests. I'm counting 57. Put these in the basket...I think they know exactly what this report says. "This ship is incapable of functioning without "miles of red tape" and "specific orders down to the thumbtack" and on "a complete lack of personal initiatives." I will devote all my career to this personal battle...or, the ship started rolling and...we are going to make something called the "soldiers personal initiative policy." It's right next to the policies on flotsam floating and ladder climbing. CSL. You want the coddle military, you got it. Sure, it's an insult to get one. That's what is meant. You want socialism, you got it. Move in the drones and robots. LOL. Oops, don't look at the vampires and the churches.
Richard Rodriguez
Jobs? Tell that to the people who worked at Sears, GM, Gander Mountain and Toys 'R' Us.
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Trump Mocks GOP Candidates Who Didn't Democrats Take Control of the House: 7 months ago   06:58

As Donald Trump claimed victory for the midterms, he couldn't help but express contempt at every failed GOP candidate that didn't embrace him.

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