10 Times Hey Arnold! Got DEPRESSINGLY DARK Dr. Doofenshmirtz's COMPLETE Backstory! - Phineas 2 days ago   12:14

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10 Times Hey Arnold! Got DEPRESSINGLY DARK

Hey Arnold! was one of the best nickelodeon shows from many of our childhoods. However, as kids, many of us overlooked some of the profound themes that existed throughout the story. At times, the show shined a light on dark realities that exist in the real world. Abandonment, addiction, negligence, war, poverty and crime. Hey Arnold! was an incredibly mature show that got quite dark at times. Today we're counting down the 10 Times Hey Arnold! Got DEPRESSINGLY DARK. #HeyArnold #Nickelodeon




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Script Written by: Kennita Leon (http://www.instagram.com/k_leonrose)
Voice Over by: Kyle James (http://www.twitter.com/kylejbeauregard)
Video Edited by: Md Asad al Hossain
Research by: Trixia Salonga
Produced by: KJB Productions

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Fire Fox
When he fed his pig bacon
Denis Jair Calix Pacheco
The "Miss Perfect" episode was so sad, I really touched me, it was so deep I can't explain, I liked the episode, but it was truly sad to see it.
Chocolate boy was the funniest!
The Adanator
that little Vietnamese girl was definitely taken for adrenochrome
Timothy Gordon
You really don't see cartoons like this anymore holy shit is that Mo Collins as the voice of Helgas mom
a boy who gained access
why this on my recommend
You're Sweet
We are all psychotherapists in the comments I see 😂
Remy Golden
What about the episode wen some robbers gave Arnold a bag of cash by accident
Jango et 9000
You frickin Fricks!
Infiniti GTI
The darkest episode (if it can be considered dark) is when Sid thought he killed Principal Wartz after carving a soap bar in his image.
U mean Spongebob
Bob Screenview
I feel for these kids. The emotional struggle they have all been through shows through their actions. Helga, Harold, Chocalate Boy, and Stoop kid all should have been helped or even taken care of a long time ago. That leaves to the conclusion as to why does no one in the town realize this. There literally people walking past stoop kid, and the pharapist woman talking to helga, and the fact that Arnold is seen as the only empathetic one shows a harsh reality. That people are showing that if nothing bad happens to themselves to not worry about it. Yet again there is no lesson being taught to neglect those who need help, but in this series the lesson wasn’t discussed about how everyone watching should feel as if they need to help or feel empathy, but that since no one else is it’s almost like you and Arnold are the last hopes.
Bail3y W1xon
Why can’t we have such a well written show again... let’s get rid of teen titans go and all that junk and bring back these amazing shows. We shouldn’t just make them a typical, unfunny show like teen titans go, we should just keep them the way they are- powerful and effective. This stuff may be hard to top, but it’s worth a try.
Doesn't that martial arts one sound a lot like the SpongeBob episode where Squidward thinks he got robbed but SpongeBob and Sandy teach him karate. They tell him only to use it for good, but he goes overboard after just like Arnold did.
Ernesto Severinsen
This kids show's got me tearing up. Coming from a family with a lot of addiction problems the chocolate boy episode kinda got to me. Addiction is a terrible thing. If it weren't for seeing how *extremely* easy it is to slip down that slope I would probably be on drugs now too. Seeing others before me ruin their lives with it has filled me with such a strong fear of addiction I don't even like to take ibuprofen when I have a headache.

On the other hand I had friends in school who grew up in rather normal families in the suburbs. They were never exposed to what it was like and how addiction tears families apart. Having to drive siblings and other immediate family members to the hospital after an overdose and wondering if they were gonna die or not. I feel like my friends were done a great disservice and they began doing drugs because they didn't understand the weight of it.

I think this is a great lesson for kids. Props to the creators for touching on a very serious subject.
I still watch it sometimes and I wasn’t alive when it was released
The main lesson from Hey Arnold is that people frequently suck, and nothing you can do will ever make them stop sucking.
arnold betrays iggy
Beecher D.
"....one of the best 90's cartoons." Oh really? What about Spongebob Squarepants?
Jada Love
Parents day made me cry
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Dr. Doofenshmirtz's COMPLETE Backstory! - Phineas 10 Times Hey Arnold! Got DEPRESSINGLY DARK 2 days ago   12:42

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