Daytime Fireworks in 4k Slow Mo TATTOOING Close Up (in Slow Motion) 2 days ago   07:37

The Slow Mo Guys
Gav and Dan have the biggest and most colourful finale that they could possibly think of.

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Joe L
For whatever reason, I just don't like these guys...
Damon Walker
That yellow just beautiful and yellow is my favorite color.
K bang FPV
Guys that was awesome
dylan pelosi
Myrna Luna
Yall and how redicoulus should collab #collab
mr shadow
Global warming 🙂
sam caccavallo
why not just have adam savage when you can also have colin furze
Patrick Huszarik
I’m gonna start calling tubes... chubes from noon.
Kudret Keskin
dont fear the use lgbt colors
Julie Leach
Where did they get these
Samot Oremor
nice bait and switch
Cancer Lord
Good. But can you... oh wait. Wrong channel
Rina Kar
Too much pollution.....
James Jaffe
Mozart was a nice choice.
Wonderful! Strange how the green behaved differently in both attempts.
All of them at once would look really cool
AyyItsBri xxx
I’m just wondering how the cars that passed are think 💭
Justin Yabut
Global warming is real
Walnut Spice
Glad Dan got his brows back just in time to play with fireworks
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TATTOOING Close Up (in Slow Motion) Daytime Fireworks in 4k Slow Mo 2 days ago   06:39

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I hope this video helps break a few of your stereotypes. I found that most Tattoo artists that I dealt with were very courteous professionals.

Shot with a Phantom Miro Camera

The awesome piano music by "A Shell In The Pit" is called:
"Explodeface, Destroyer of Worlds" It can be downloaded here.
The song at 2:30 is called "Poacher Shack"

A huge thanks to Seejay and Leah at Timepiece Tattoo. They were open and welcoming to some random nerd who asked if he could hang out and film in their shop.
Seejay and Leah Tattoo here

Leah's work can be seen here:

I like following Leah on Instagram, she posts fresh tattoos almost daily, as well as her original sketches and artwork.
Seejay (guy that did the macaroni tattoo) and the owner of the shop.

While you're at it, I have an instagram account too. I like to post rockets and interesting observations I make. I reserve the right to post "proud Dad" pictures.

Awesome coil and electromagnetic field graphic elements by Graphic Designer Emily Weddle

Outro Music is "Bottles" by A Shell In The Pit.
Download them here:

A special thanks to Tattoos forever in Ft. Walton Beach Florida for teaching me about needles and letting me film in their shop.

All tattoo equipment is sterilized before and after every use. I edited the video in a non-sequential timeline.
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