Spoiled Teen Thinks Shes "I'm 3 Years Pregnant" Woman 5 months ago   11:48

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I often worked in LA at a studio named "Rodeo", like the cowboy, when I lived there. But some street 30 mins away spelled the same and I'm supposed to call it "Rodayo"? Thats why I hated living there with such a passion.
Carter Sabol
If it takes $7,000 to maintain your appearance then Mayberry ugly AF
pretty much asking the mom to give out her cash to the world for raising another spoiled cunt
Jimmy Dean
Three hours a day? For makeup? Her pores caked
Milton Knowles
I'm going to do something more intelligent now then watch this moron I'm going to go outside sit down and watch the grass grow middle of night and winter but it'd be more worthwhile thinking this
Milton Knowles
Wow $7,000 per month to look average if you gave me $7,000 per month I could make myself beautiful I just get the stack of cash and make it crown out of it no one would be looking at me but they're all agree that I'm beautiful as long as I'm wearing the crowd money ground
Jing Jang
If she needs to hire anyone for her facial squad, I’m your man 🤗
Landon Novak
11:43 have you ever heard of Mini Ladd
Hunter Collier
At 3:47 we need our savior, dr. Phil 🙀
Galaxy Madison
brother and sis Forever
You couch bud is the best
Minecraft Sheep
Kellin Coffee
Scott getting triggered. Kens getting sent to the rodeo XD
Didn’t she make her own money or something? Or was that someone else
Andrew Carter
The guy on the right is annoying. Just laughs, and wears sweaters with bleach stains on it...had to stop watching
Dead DingAling
Bruh he lost alotta followers on his ins
Vito Scaletta
Hi I’m rooster with pants cousin
Natalie Leonard
I love your dr Phil. Please do judge judy
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"I'm 3 Years Pregnant" Woman Spoiled Teen Thinks Shes 5 months ago   12:09

Woman on Dr phil claims she's been pregnant for 3 years! If that wasn't crazy enough they even found a second woman claiming the same thing!
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