Tiger Woods gets emotional Obama surprises VP, Joe Biden with 2 days ago   17:32

Tiger Woods is among 33 sports figures to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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D tab
Surprised😮 DT really knows his golf & his idol history!! So statistically factual, yet admiring!

If only he was like that with his presidency .... if only!
John Dewispelaere
Medal of Freedom should not be given to millionaire golfers!
Liquid bend
This country needs a hero like TIGER WOODS!!!
Liquid bend
Tiger ... you’re the best ever
Congrats well deserved !
Elekson Kurbah
I wonder how Pres. Trump has such a very strong memory, without any notes or anything. He doesnt require anything whenever he does his speeches. Incredible.
Matt Chan
You shouldn't of accepted it. It would have been the biggest statement to the world and the people of America that you stood up to a racist and fascist man who cares for no mankind except white people of America. You could've then even become the next bloody president! Stupid ass but glad you won the masters tho
Klaas Kabini
Trumps kills me with laughter whenever he speaks. He can be a good comedian
The Bambino
What a CROCK OF SHIT !! Trump was just on A POWER TRIP giving that CHEATING PIECE OF TRASH this prestigious medal !
Conan the Destroyer
Go Tiger!!!
❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️Loved you the whole time Tiger!! Thrilled you’re getting this nice award‼️‼️‼️❤️
LongLiveBuckethead LongLiveBuckethead
How is this possible? I thought Trump was racist...
Paul Olguin
I often have a hard time listening to President Trump, but my appreciation of Tiger Woods, especially his growth as a human being, and the President's enthusiasm and expertise in talking about golf were quite enjoyable.
Marcus Mariota
Tiger I give you the 17 majors. But I'm not counting that medal. #NoEsMiPresidente
Awaken2Now - Brian Jett
I love that he wasn't deterred by the set backs and the DUI stuff. This is the definition of discipline.
Jeffrey Keith Horne II
I am neutral when it comes to Donald Trump, but if he presents himself like this more often he may be as a halfway decent guy. Great tribute because he put Tiger over huge like the legend he is today. The best is yet to come. God Bless.
Carolyn Foster
Drumpf needs to learn to read from the teleprompter....a sixth grader reads better.......ahum....Drumpf is boring to listen to when he reads....someone help him....

Tiger is a great golfer, he makes the game interesting.
Dave Mc
Short Memories!!!
Joe Jarosz
Wonder what Tiger paid to get that medal?
robert kareithi
The best speech from President Trump. He actually has all the facts.
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Obama surprises VP, Joe Biden with Tiger Woods gets emotional 2 days ago   37:10

U.S. President Barack Obama awarded Vice-President Joe Biden the highest civilian honour Thursday, commemorating an "extraordinary man with an extraordinary career in public service."
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