1/5 Scale racing at Thunder Valley Tulsa Shootout | KJ Snow Outlaw 4 months ago   05:47

Robert Holmes
heat # 2 super late model class at Thunder Valley Raceway in Petal,MS May 4th 2013. 1/5 scale hpi Baja's with late model bodies

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Robert Holmes
This video is ancient and one of our first cars , bodies , competition has drastically improved. Check out dirt oval network since i don't do videos much anymore
jl smith
So, two questions. Are they running on alcohol. And, are they driven POV?
Glad the ugly car didn’t win. 😂 How much to get into this ? Ballpark ?
Robert Holmes
neither. they are 2 stroke gas
Lukman Firdaus
Is this electric or nitro?
Vicky Smith
Flame Wolfpack
is that track oval and off road because I looks like there is an off road track in the middle
Flame Wolfpack
Gotta love em rc cars
R/C Racing Nation
Track is 425 feet from center line
R/C Racing Nation
Ww are going to be racing these Inloris South Carolina if your interested you can contact us at rcracingnation@yahoo.comstill working on track.
Robert Holmes
it's where it's at for sure
nice, I'm currently getting into losi l8ight 1/8 scale but these 1/5 scales look great... I may have to see if my local track would consider. I like the hpi bajas
Robert Holmes
it happens to all of us...lol thanks for watching...I know I enjoyed being part of the excitement..we have come so far now its crazy ..can't wait to put some new video up this year
Why was I getting so into this race lol
Anupam Das
big and slow. Yep, looks like a pile of crap.
Robert Holmes
kingmotorsrc.com ..davesmotors.com...then look up bodiesbyhill on facebook..tell him I sent ya...search or Baja 5b
sorry for delay ..just found email notification in wrong folder
Bryan Belue
Where do you get these 1/5 scale cars? Can I get links if you guys order them?
Robert Holmes
Sorry capayne...somehow youtube just gave me a spam notification and never even saw you commented...well I know you got fixed up and I am totally sorry for delay response. Had no idea you had commented..lol..keep them races coming man..i'm gonna come up there and put it on ya'll one day
Chase Henry
PLEASE post more videos from this track!!!!
Will Burgess
Why don't more people do this?
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Tulsa Shootout | KJ Snow Outlaw 1/5 Scale racing at Thunder Valley 4 months ago   13:59

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