Coffee Stirrer Rubber Band Как сделать резиномоторный самолёт 2 days ago   07:41

Coffee Stirrer Rubber Band Aircraft sunny day. The build for this aircraft is on video "Put a rubber band on it #0143" and the first flight video was "Put a rubber band on it #0146" followed by

Details of the propeller assembly can be found in ScienceToyMaker's video - Eco-Empirical Dragonfly Helicopter Build
Build video - Put a rubber band on it #0143

Wooden coffee stirrer
Styrofoam plates
Plastic pop bottle
Cotton bud tube
Thin wire
Tiny glass beads
Sticky tape
Super glue
Hot Glue
Rubber band

Hot glue gun
Sharp knife

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Ian Virco
When it is taken into account that this aircraft is in the main made of rubbish it is brilliant, there is always scope to refine something like this if your inclined to spend ages developing the ultimate version but as a bit of fun it has for filled it's purpose admirably, you can mark this one down as a success.
Well I think you’ve just about got the best possible performance out of that thing with the poundland rubber bands. I’m with Josh, it’s time to put some proper rubber on it and see it really get up n go!
I think at this point it's time to put some proper Tan rubber on it, lubricate with some Armor-All, and let it loose on that. Guaranteed to literally quadruple the flight times.
What a wonderful little plane!
I don't know if you have done or considered this already, but a project idea could be to make an adaptor for a cordless, electric screwdriver, to wind your bands for you. You can get something similar for winding guitar tuners.
Leonardo De Marco
Yeah Grabdpa !! Last one flight was awsome !! Despite it was very windy for the little plane 😃!!!
RC Dre
amazing buddy !! nice day for it too :) last flight was very cool man !!!
Mike Flight
Ah, I remember this video from your other channel but we never saw it flying. You went on the drive to find out where the smoke was coming from.
I like how you made the propeller for this plane and you did get a couple of good flights from it. :D
random person 1216
nice flights! the more dyhedral you add the more lift you lose. my suggestion is to implement some type of poly hedral design. keep it up!!
Jelly Fan zarchoo Züäß
Hello long time no see love your videos
Keep up the good work buddy :)
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Как сделать резиномоторный самолёт Coffee Stirrer Rubber Band 2 days ago   05:27

Всем привет! В этом видео я покажу вам, как сделать простой самолёт на резиномоторе.

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