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Okiem Piotra
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Last weekend had a chance to get out on Warner Lake in Berne, NY for AMEC round #4 of 2019 ice racing season. Running on hakkapeliitta 9 studded tires.
It was great fun! The Model 3 performed well, only wished I had the big brakes package so that I could use Track Mode, as the default stability control was kicking in mid corner which spoiled the fun a bit. Tesla claims Track Mode will be available to non-PUP Performance models sometime in the future but so far no cigar. Also there is no way to purchase the bigger brakes package from Tesla currently so those owners in my situations are kinda stuck :) until Tesla does one of the two aforementioned: either releases track mode to non-PUP performance models or offers the big brake package for purchase (which they promised they will). Drone shots with Skydio R1.

**UPDATE 03/18: Looks like Tesla is now rolling out software update (2019.5.15) that enables Track Mode for P3D- models like mine. Whew, finally, but few days too late alas, haha. Oh well, there's always the next season...

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John Wunderlin
I just got track mode on my P3d- this week! You should get it any day if you haven't already
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We had an opportunity to spend some time with Brian from "i1Tesla." Thanks Brian for making our road trip extra special. Keep making great videos!
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