Trump's most heated exchanges Trump vs. Clinton | Best Moments 4 months ago   02:29

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President Donald Trump's latest press conference meant to announce his labor secretary, Alexander Acosta, saw the president lashing out at the media. He repeatedly told reporters to "be quiet" and "sit down" during the 77-minute affair.


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Sheikh VII
U r the most racist person
Midnight Rambler
Trump is the Boss the media is mostly lefty bs sites..
preetham konda
Dumb American people selecting dumb president .
Holy Ecoly
Best president we have ever had no matter how the media makes him look. Numbers and facts dont lie. I cant wait for the red wave in 2020!
Best President ever TRUMP 2020.
Michael Fortgang
George Gavares
LOL every time he is about to answer they move on to the next edit. SHAME
Asan Eberta
And their proud of their president....who cant handle the heat from the press...
Francis Campbell
President Trump You are not helpful and people unfairly People of America listen to me please The president is laughing at you Let me look through one of us went on America because we are more important like people America but important that you think that way I don’t think he does
Justin long
every comment in this section is from a steaming mad liberal hahaha
Donald Tramp
The reporters try to maintain a facimile of democracy while the watching sheep bleat in favor of their shepherd.
I love you guys.
One day we will have China in the lower 48.
Best President Ever! No President in the past has had the fortitude to call these scum-sucking presstitutes out for the lies that they spew on a daily basis.
Makeu Upset
"black caucus"
lmfao im sorry I lol every time
Nugget of Truth - Eric King
Politicians going mad..find out at my site.
erick ardiansyah
Yas wrigh sedap the demining,so south there open mark coupple work hive fun sown thay just ander listenjng grack in jpbs staction wife wall bath among waly nack true opening with house so the recablle nort true with many many exchange dor fimile you trough hive
Thang Khual
I feel as Trump should be a comedian xD he is pretty good at making me laugh!
Skination 1987
Trump trying to avoid awnsers *Cough* *Cough*
Mario Zelaya
Jesus coming soon
Magnus Samuelson
Number two
*holds up three fingers*
Dennis S
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Navarro We Are In Impeachment Territory, CNN Chris Cuomo Russian Collusion 100%,
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Enough Already 5 years worth of Russian Collusion, Really Eh. President Donald Trump
2020 A Re-election Machine, Eh. Look at his crowds already Like in 2016 But than he was
not even President of USA than, Eh
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Trump vs. Clinton | Best Moments Trump's most heated exchanges 4 months ago   18:01

Highlights (and lowlights) from the first, second and third presidential debates between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton.

For entertainment only.
Don't take this too seriously.

First Debate - 0:05
Moderator: Lester Holt
Hempstead, New York
September 26, 2016.

Second Debate - 8:31
Moderators: Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz
Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri
October 9, 2016

Final Debate - 13:26
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University of Nevada in Paradise, Nevada
October 19, 2016