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The Church used Jews as middle men to facilitate financial transactions that were prohibited by Church law. This position in society allies the Jews with the higher classes and creates resentment among the poor. Jews were favored by higher level clergy and vilified by local priests and monks. The first Crusade included devastating attacks on the established Jewish communities of Mainz, Worms and Speyer.

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Pamela Bergner
Jews are the most courageous and brave folk ever.♡ THAT is the reason you are God's chosen. Throughout the generations, tolerance, fortitude, empthy grow in your dna: something good leaders require.
BTW, as a catholic I was ALWAYS taught in Religious Instruction, that the Romans killed Christ (not the Jews.)
Pamela Bergner
Our orthodontist let me pay monthly for my kids' braces, instead of asking me to.pay 100% up front.♡ Was totally grateful; I paid faithfully.
Henry Tetreault
0:07 Correct, it’s called “Usury”
This would make it seem that Jews are innocent. That is not so. In the Talmud there are many horrible things said against Christ, the Virgin, and Christian people.
Jason Long
6 millions Jews were killed in the crusades...lol
Joel Weidenfeld
dude, as Mark twain said. , if you don't read the newspaper your not informed, if you do your misinformed... that said, history of today by you would largely be what yge propaganda, non journalistic newspapers of today record. That is the problem, your narrative is mom connected to reality because it is a fiction in progress written by the same aristocratic EMPIRE scum pirate capetbagers.. The very same who mold and preside over every thought you propose every funding possibility that exists for you and every thing you say in every class you fool people with.
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Jews and the First Crusade: This 07 Crusades: The Jewish Predicament 2 months ago   06:03

Brief video describing the experience of the Jews during the First Crusade of 1095-1099.