Trump-Xi G20 showdown, Boris Johnson's Japon : Rencontre entre Emmanuel 1 day ago   42:39

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Our panel of journalists discuss the big topics of the week, starting with the G-20 club of nations that make up 85-percent of the planet's wealth together, gathering in Japan for two days of photo ops, press statements and sidebar meetings. The biggest Saturday between Donald Trump and China's Xi Jinping.

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I mean this woman
مشاعل الحربي
Please do not come in this news
مشاعل الحربي
ول ون
مشاعل الحربي
Johnson will win
Jill Lindemman
how ridiculous is this show?! they have NO IDEA what they're talking about!!! what clowns! No wonder France is so fecked up
Chrystal E
A panel of morons as usual.
swarup dutta
Show the World Cup news of the cricket world
These French people speak very pure English. Amazed me
Screw your new pagan weather religion!
Nasbandit Nasbandit
the report found no evidence... min 3.10. buls...t france news
hopeCafe' anew
Billionaire , manager of a trillion dollar business . called America. Don't be stupid as you sound.
Any of you commentators have the balls to be a billionaire manager?
Just accomplish that first , before passing judgment.
Jersey Poodle
What the hell are these people talking about?
The world is living in denial if it thinks nations DO NOT meddle in other nations elections... almost ALL of them!
*The worst offender of them all is the left wing, liberal biased, FAKE NEWS media, world wide!*
These idiots are worse than CNN! XD XD XD
Phu Jonathan
24 another fake news
astro ayumi
Trump is the one who badly need the deal bec. he have an election to take care of in 2020 ,Pres.Xi is president for life ,beside Pres.Xi have a long term perspective, China 2025 ,belt and road initiative , 99% of his people are supporting him,how about Trump ? nothing the only things he knew is tax cut and bullying other by imposing sanction ,trade war ,regime change policy ,all option on the table,how America became great again if her leaders have no vision at all !"
Tay Danny
Nico Hines - spot on about Trump. As for Trump - Boris is " his type " >
### Beata #
hmmm I live in London and I have 'not been miserable for weeks' because of the heat! What are you talking about? Today is the first day when we eperienced barely 31 degrees. Which part of London is he talking about?
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Men who wear suits will follow any irrational trend if it is popular
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Japon : Rencontre entre Emmanuel Trump-Xi G20 showdown, Boris Johnson's 1 day ago   04:52

Vladimir Poutine et Emmanuel Macron se sont rencontrés en marge du G20. Le président français s'est félicité de la «nouvelle dynamique» entre les deux pays depuis leurs visites réciproques à Versailles puis à Saint-Petersbourg.

Les deux chefs d'Etat ont fait part de leur volonté d'aborder plusieurs dossiers régionaux majeurs, à savoir l'Ukraine, l'Iran et la Syrie. «La coopération entre nous est essentielle», a souligné Emmanuel Macron.

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