Honda powered Pro truck hits Where’s the Boost!! $5000 and a Supercharged 2 days ago   30:58

PFI Speed
Oh boy do we got a doozy for you. The boiz jump into action buttoning up the last details getting it onto the dyno and trouble shooting. So sit back relax and join us as we thrash to get to Cletus and Cars

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Oh Teck Xuan
More like Cocacola
Never Enuff Power Channel
Hey that thing is SICK! A different gear set in the rear and would dyno lots more. But the 538's make quick as hell lol
rims jobs
Phong is the man
Dan Stumpf
wtf 4:48 that was sick
Gillster X
Another srt-4 teaser 5:37 D:
car kid302
Brent put a turbo on that thing and let it eat
Alan Brattland
2jz would be cool
808 G8GT
Sounds so wrong!! My brain is thinking cammed V8....but my ears are hearing 4 banger. Lol. Cant
John Possum
Love the wrap. Clean & sick.
chris brown
What it make 90-95hp?
Wilson Oberholzer
I love that even though you just "finished" the truck you guys are already planning what you want to do with it when you get back from Cleetus and Cars.
Moua Xiong
K20 swap a truck and try to tow stuff
I was sure you guys would do the yellow and green days of thunder livery. But the coke red looks mint. I can't wait to see ya throw some nitrous at it. 👍🏼👍🏼
Jared House
you should race the dale truck
Bhristian Kasino
Should have put a J 😞
jason yang
Honda k power
drag is drag weather you run the alt off the diff or motor it still has the same drag
I thought you weren't supposed to cross the streams....
Jason Bright
You can see it pulling on the Dyno the way it was at the track. Hope they get it fixed so I can see this thing run clean. Great work fellas. Love the content
NASCAR is much more interesting than what kids think. I appreciated the Days of Thunder memes in here. Make NASCAR Great Again.
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Where’s the Boost!! $5000 and a Supercharged Honda powered Pro truck hits 2 days ago   29:25

The Boiz are back bringing you a supercharged tune! This hot rod Delsol you can win with 5000$ on top of getting the car ! HTSmotorsports swings by with their giveaway Delsol for a full work up! We find some issues and track them down and bring to you one rad ride that could be yours!! So come watch chill out and get involved, it could be an epic ride! We also got our silver play button!

To enter go to
check out the rules but from what we understand for every dollar spent you get an entry! So suppprt Eric and his crew must enter beFore April 24 2019

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