Honda powered Pro truck hits SAVAGE DYNOS - Extreme Horsepower 1 day ago   30:58

PFI Speed
Oh boy do we got a doozy for you. The boiz jump into action buttoning up the last details getting it onto the dyno and trouble shooting. So sit back relax and join us as we thrash to get to Cletus and Cars

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Kyle Laughinghouse
Your not running a oil screen in your pan with that high rpm to prevent oil starvation from the crank slushing the oil
Andrew Lang
“Hit the pace car, it’s the only thing you haven’t hit, and I want you to be perfect!!”
Should slap a supercharger on that bad boy
Po Panda
I wish this had been a j35z4 or some other j series. still super cool, I just think the j series would have riiiippppeeedddd
cookie sheets save the dave on large drip areas lol someone out there gotta make drip trays huh?
Nte 35050
Y'all need k swap a vette, "korvette"?
Pee swords
James Holbrook
Dont cross the streams
Team DriveAlot
250 hp + a supercharger maybe ? ❤🤘
What oil is that. Granted it’s 20 weight but I’d like to research a 30 weight.
after seeing brent in the drivers seat i expected him to be 2’ 4” tall when he got out 😂
Mikael Gaiason
Man these references to when I was a kid are eerie af. lol.
Dildo Gaggins
Yo let’s get some info/videos of that land cruiser @ 6:27
Lucas Robison
It needs a v8
Oh Teck Xuan
More like Cocacola
Never Enuff Power Channel
Hey that thing is SICK! A different gear set in the rear and would dyno lots more. But the 538's make quick as hell lol
rims jobs
Phong is the man
Dan Stumpf
wtf 4:48 that was sick
Gillster X
Another srt-4 teaser 5:37 D:
car kid302
Brent put a turbo on that thing and let it eat
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SAVAGE DYNOS - Extreme Horsepower Honda powered Pro truck hits 1 day ago   10:09

High revving engines making huge horsepower. Flames shooting from super hot exhaust. Very high powered massive turbo cars making big power on the dyno. World record dyno video! Cars spitting fire with their engines screaming. Best dyno video. The most powerful cars in the world on the dyno! 1000+ HP. Ultimate dyno vid. Strongest dyno pulls ever. Full Boost!

Part 1 and 2 here:

Extreme Horsepower DYNO Vid

Extreme Horsepower DYNO Vid 2

#fullboost #dyno #fastest cars

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