Very Spoiled Pit Bulls Deserve 'Aggressive' Pit Bull Dog Turns Into 2 weeks ago   03:12

The Dodo
Very Spoiled Pit Bulls Deserve All The Love They Get | These brothers are the most pampered pitties EVER — they even have their own bedroom 💖

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Comments 1689 Comments

ken ho
0:34 that face
Arielle Montgomery
AW! MY PITBULL IS THE SAME! HE LOVES TO BE ON THE COUCH ALL DAY. pitbulls are just big babies. They aren't mean and all that. People make them mean.
Macie B
Find it abit weird people spoiling there dogs this much
Andrew Regas
People who own pits feel like it’s so necessary to show they aren’t scary. It’s just like people who are over the top with guns showing how they aren’t dangerous or people who smoke weed and have to tell you about how it fixes everything or people who are vegan and just have to tell everyone they are vegan. Great you have a pit bull. It may or may not be mean.
Dog Days
Ummmmm...... the women was feeding them GRAPES in the beginning!!! Idk if bullies can eat grapes but I don’t think they can???
Brian Neeley
Awesome dogs! Best loving smart loyal loving dogs to Rescue.
This is beautiful God bless this couple!
Jaime Chamorro
That's a sweet video
Leah hazel
They’re staffies similar to pits but a lot smaller
Jamaal Smith
Who knew cuteness was so powerful...
Petr Per
Modern day couples. Animals now are the new babies just in case the stomach ends up saggy!
Navyforeveryoung Jean-Philippe
Omg can I be your child?
Shannon Feathers
All dogs should have this life... ❤❤
Lucky Snack Creations
Lil hippos
Dely Playz
And I thought my dogs were spoiled
Cynthia R spoiled!!😍
Helena Alcofra
Tilly Too
Still wouldn’t have one even if it was given to me... a sheltie or nothing😊
King Kev
Do yall pits shed cuz mines do. So they can't sleep with me. I wish they didn't shed.
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'Aggressive' Pit Bull Dog Turns Into Very Spoiled Pit Bulls Deserve 2 weeks ago   03:23

Handsome Pit Bull Dog Gets A Second Chance | This pit bull dog is the most gorgeous, confident guy -- but he wasn't always that way. Today on Pittie Nation, watch how he transformed from a skinny, "aggressive" shelter dog into a self-assured snuggle machine with the help of his mom and the BEST dog brother in the whole world. You can keep up with Louie's adorable adventures on Instagram, lucky.lovable.louie:

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