Very Spoiled Pit Bulls Deserve 'Aggressive' Pit Bull Dog Turns Into 5 months ago   03:12

The Dodo
Very Spoiled Pit Bulls Deserve All The Love They Get | These brothers are the most pampered pitties EVER — they even have their own bedroom 💖

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Comments 1689 Comments

Val Pal
I hope she doesn’t give them grapes on the regular.. they’re very poisonous to dogs
techdeath_fan_ 91
2:20 Jurassic World Boxer Shorts that is amazing!!!
Valerie Gomez
1:41 - 1:43, when i smell food
Rebecca Klein
Staffie's are honestly the best. I work in a dog daycare, and they are some of the sweetest, most loving dogs there!
Miko Miyamoto
I agree any dog can be aggressive, and be cuddle bugs. For example, a typical friendly dog is a golden retriever
pit bulls can be as friendly. There is an aggressive dog near the place I live its a pit bull but when I tell people about it
I say there is an aggressive dog, not a pit bull saying "I live near a pit bull" labels them as aggressive automatically, which is
not true. But pit bulls were originally bred to be sorta aggressive. Though after genorations of freindly loving normal
pit bulls, they will be even more amazing.

Pit Bulls are equal

I think this and I'm not even a pit bull parent

also, you can have your own opinion if you disagree with this that is fine.
Shaniyia Hardin
0:30 he sit like human
Madison A.

Lady: Want a little lick of my ice cream?

Dog: *Takes whole thing*
Nina Anin
They are so adorable, I really want a pitbull !!!
Some pit bulls’ faces already look as if they were smiling, but these guys *irradiate* bliss.
FussyDo Flamenco
Now these r the type of people I want 2 c w/ this breed....sweet, loving, attentive & no way their babes could ever b mean...NICE!!
Diana. cop sing Rodriguez
It's awesome to see both dog parents love and spoil their dangerous pit bulls! Lol
Kathy Florcruz
Omg. Have babies.
Rebel Jonson
Look at that pittie smile
J Hopkin
Their adoribull i love it
Trixy —
I really hope that lady wasn’t feeding her dogs grapes , grapes are super super toxic for dogs (including raisins) please keep your pups away from them
or as the chinese would say "spoiled meat"
Linda name
Grapes are not good for dogs!!!
Philip and Hope Patterson
I wanna rescue a pit bull now
Chester Copperpot
I think they are Staffordshire Bull Terriers, an English breed.

You see them everywhere in the UK.
Definitely one of the most popular breeds.

(Just got to the bit where she says they are Staffordshire Bull Terriers.)
I feel sad when I see this, you don't take care of your kids like this.
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'Aggressive' Pit Bull Dog Turns Into Very Spoiled Pit Bulls Deserve 5 months ago   03:23

Handsome Pit Bull Dog Gets A Second Chance | This pit bull dog is the most gorgeous, confident guy -- but he wasn't always that way. Today on Pittie Nation, watch how he transformed from a skinny, "aggressive" shelter dog into a self-assured snuggle machine with the help of his mom and the BEST dog brother in the whole world. You can keep up with Louie's adorable adventures on Instagram, lucky.lovable.louie:

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