US Economy Grew 4.1 Percent In Second Trump touts fastest U.S. 3 months ago   03:09

U.S. economy surges to 4.1 percent growth rate in second quarter quarter; strongest since 3rd quarter of 2014 and 3rd-best growth rate since the Great Recession, according to CNBC.
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US Economy Grew 4.1 Percent In Second Quarter | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Life's truths
The economy is being falsely shown and the market is being bolstered by fake buys. The GDP is said to be fine but borrowed money at interest is counted in the GDP. Truth is , near half of eligible workers are out of work, the majority are not counted in the unemployment rate because they are no longer getting benefits and have dropped from active searching because there are no jobs. The only right way to get out from the collapsing economy is to dump the federal reserve and proclaim the nations debt an Odious Debt:
Dan Rossi
Dam Trump! Because of him all I see everywhere is HELP WANTED. Trump has wasted millions of dollars of paint , paper , computer resources on this HELP WANTED movement . We really should bring the Democrats back .!!!
Darwin Lambeth
Whether Obama started this economy or Trump had a hand in it, were rolling right now, why in the world would you want to change it? Come on guys!
You snivelling snakes... Don't you have just a little bit of shame?
Douglas W
Trump saving America. MSNBC is fake news
Lewis Betan
Obama take USA when the economic is broke when it is so bad.
Who doing it bush.
Obama winning .
He save people of a financial depression.
Trump only came to pick up the obama seems. and trunk come to make trouble that it.
Joshua Ebanks
Trump is not a racist. Black unemployment is at an all time low, and so is Hispanic unemployment. Everyone gonna hate on Trump but cant face the facts, he is doing 10x as much as Obama. Hillary would've brought this country to its knees. I'm proud President Trump is running this country.
Cory Sarazen
Mega...wait America was never great to begin with.
Lima Lima
Women are complaining that Facebook is targeting men only for new jobs. This is not a good thing but light will be shined on the practice and lawsuits will most likely happen. What else os going on as far as discrimination of employees? Is there a discrimination on where and when shopping is done and who from and what is purchased? Wasn't there some kind of affirmative action "trick" going on where the black male is hired on paper and then fired almost immediately? Especially in the south.? That's why Black folks need to wake up to reality! Play the game to win, not lose!
US a matured and saturated economy grew at 4%, while emerging economy like India was at 8% so there is a lot of fuel still in American engine. Remember this is not after low base quarters like the recession .
Who-man who
If Trump is the reason for the economic growth then let's all shut up and back him up I'm a democrate I guess I've never really given it any thought considering I'm poor living in a small town in Tennessee but I do know if it's not broke don't fix it and if you can't lead then follow no single person has all the right answers with the exception of the fool who's always right even when they are wrong I frankly could care less about crap Trump pulled to get elected people if you think he did this out of some kinda righteous reason for no self benefit then are you in the market for a bridge or some ocean front property cause I've got some of both not 5 minutes from me that'll I'll be glad to sale you for an amazing price but seriously the man made God only knows how much just from letting places use his name alone and now he's made that name possibly worth more than any other name in history 10 generations of his from now will not ever know what want and need truly mean and there isn't really anyone reading this now if given the opportunity wouldn't do the same Republican or Democrat conservative or liberal are all the same at the core the all live by
Gee, maybe the reason Trump can’t get approval numbers any higher is because the mainstream media finds a way to make even good news about the economy look bad. It’s bad Trump news ALL THE TIME. Never seen anything like the pile on the MSM has done on Trump since his election. He could cure cancer and the media would find a way to spin it into bad news.
Even those not necessarily fond of Trump can see the ridiculousness of it all.
Josh Johnson
First words out of their mouths nothing but negitivity why not be positive about positive things. Sad reallly that Russia investigation in the first sentence, when the report is on growth of American economy. Suplement a topic that has more conflict to create anger about good news well done. They have created enough anger for 10 elections based on their oppinion. How about report the facts and allow people to draw their own oppinions based on real full spectrum information
Liberal time vote for Ophra the Wale........arrogant idiots.With Love from Italy
Ivan Goh
4% is a lot. We should give Trump the props he deserves.
A.G. Rich
I can't wait for the re-election. I want to see cnn make the predictions of whoever is running for president against trump winning and than not. Lol
mark harrowfield
Fake news rigged figures
We should be paying off the debt with this economy not blowing it up. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the bottom is gonna fall out really quick.
Give it time people jesus you can already see the bottom falling out look at california housing numbers for june. Ill give Trump the numbers for now but all those he act like he walks on water will soon find that if they praise him for the economy now they Dam well better blame him when it crashes in the next year.
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Trump touts fastest U.S. US Economy Grew 4.1 Percent In Second 3 months ago   20:04

The US economy roared into high gear in the spring, growing at the fastest pace in almost four years. Second-quarter economic growth came in at an annual rate of 4.1%, the government said Friday. That was the best showing since the third quarter of 2014.