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Mikki Ter
pascal koppens
well that's one minute and 14 seconds of my life i wont get back.
Fares Safi
He looks like furious Pete but sounds like jazza from DrawWithJazza
Michael K
Can you be my dad
Peter Friesen
I want mr. Weebl to be my dad
GachaShark 2114
*that’s a catchphrase*
Mike Smith
I've made better tunes taking a dump
this is an awesome catchy song about your catchphrase

I love you
“Where’d I put them toenail clippers? Damn it!”
That’s a catchphrase!
because its fun to watch a 43 year old say thats a catchprase repeatadly
Say what you see, Mr. Chips. Say what you see.
Is this the krusty krab?

That's a cats face?
žalias briedis
I feel like it might've been a catchphrase... Hmm...
Sherbert's World of Schlock
You think there is the possibility that it was a catchphrase?
west boundbadger
Still prefer Badgers,..badgers,..badger badger badger badger badger,....Sorrry,phone,...
John Kravich
Zoroki mokoi
Bats and cats mate?
Latch and catch mace?
Bats and cats mace?
I know he's saying exactly what it says but I don't know what happens in the middle.
WHAT catchphrase?
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Mr Weebl | Heroes of Animation with Mr Weebl's amazing catchphrase! 2 days ago   27:56

We join Jonti and Bing in his shed, sorry, studio to learn about the history of Mr Weebl!
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New and exclusive to HuHa! - Heroes of Animation! Bing ( invites you behind the scenes of animation greats from Aardman to Edd's World, Mr Weebl to the mighty Manga.

This episode we head into the studio of Mr Weebl, play the keytar, some video games and write a song!

Mr Weebl:

About HuHa:
HuHa is brightly-coloured animated flipflappery for adults. And by that we mean it's home to the tastiest comedy toons on YouTube - featuring animal assassins, crime-fighting butchers, appalling advice and shocking greetings cards to send your frenemies.

In the kitchen is Head chef Mr Weebl (the guy who brought you singing narwhals and that badger song. You know the one. It goes "badgers, badgers, badgers, badgers". It's about badgers) and he'll be serving up a technicolour soup of delicious adult animation for your delectation.

Why not take a look around: or check out for some animation with its clothes off. Ahem. Sorry, we mean behind-the-scenes, how-tos and much, much more...