I Made an *OG SKIN* Clan In Fortnite! we built until the server crashed.. 2 months ago   14:13

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Song: Max Maurin - Shotgun 2

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Puggy Pugster
Am I the only one who ships Melly with muselk XD
My names Jeff
Crystal Maxwell
If so many OG skins there how they rare!?????!
Lucas Bruh 2009
When did muselk have arial assault trooper
Ninja Fox
U copied lachy
Aaron Ramey
I have ghoul and renegade
Black knight is og code name elf is og its just because we played in season 1 and did’t buying any thing
Green shirt kid
Can I join I have default ik it’s old and og
I feel kind of left out since i dont have recon expert,assault trooper, renegade radar, skull trooper, ghoul trooper.😭
Denver Gageby
Season 2
Jayden Barlow
Season 8 anyone??????

👇for muselk and support a creator code:muselk plz fav youtuber
MallahJR 500
the server crashed because there was so much building
renegades and skull troopers are common in game
Adam Martens
Or am I wrong

I’m confused
Adam Martens
Wait muselk has recon expert sorry I don’t watch you everyday
Matthewforlife- YT
I’m og
Vlad Andrey
man u have aerial asult Trooper and u Dont know how to build
Blue team leader is og?
I really want epic to re-release *every* og skin in this video just to stick it to the people who brag about wasting money on a free game.
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we built until the server crashed.. I Made an *OG SKIN* Clan In Fortnite! 2 months ago   10:19

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