WE HAVE A BIG SECRET!! (Finally Announcing THEY ATE A 1 YEAR OLD BURGER!!.. (DISGUSTING) 2 weeks ago   14:06

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Are you voting on Peanut or Tungo? Comment your answer. Or maybe suggest another name like Meanie Hut Jr.
sam awad
get a pig.
RunsWth Scissors
Bahhahahahhaha he eats babies
PWR Peralta
U should call it Terrorist or Terroriser, plus ur cat was probably like, "F u"
PWR Peralta
10:05, ur wrong something of urs did die, ur channel
What happens to hammy or peepee suck
Plz make that jr video
Zachary Keaton
SML MOVVVIIIIEEEEEE!?!?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!?
Jeb Blow
When you said last year do you mean 2017 or 2018.
Sorry for your loss. #spider 🕷🕸
Ian Tapia
Chilly peanuts ass
Gamer Beasts
Hey if the tarantula dies are you gonna get a New one
Gav Falcon
The thumbnail is cringe
Grape ass
Keidan Ming
Chilly a good name is Terrence without a's hehehe
What happened to your hamster pee pee suck
Vain DragonX
What kind are they in there is that they don't know how they feel or they can get it out there you want Br on you or the others who don't have any information to say that you're going upstairs or they are not getting the money they have for your BALLS to be fast enough and then they are just as comfortable with their work in your life if you're a fan or an adult who doesn't know you are Pikachu but I no doubt you will find that the most important is that guy who was the best in all time in new Orleans and then spongebob and then they have to give me stuff!

Dont ask I looked this up on google
Please Don’t talk
I’m scared of spiders
Foxlaser 150
Tarranch will alway love scaring chef pp
Burst 2000
That turatala looks like it would kill anything it comes across 😥
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THEY ATE A 1 YEAR OLD BURGER!!.. (DISGUSTING) WE HAVE A BIG SECRET!! (Finally Announcing 2 weeks ago   16:21

We finally opened up Logan's safe. Not a good idea!
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