How The Netherlands Stopped The Wind The Level Crossing You Have To Power 1 day ago   02:13

Tom Scott - - The Delta Works, to the west of the Netherlands, are one of the modern wonders of the world. But there's other, lesser-known infrastructure there too: including the Rozenburg Wind Wall, on the Caland Canal, which turns a dangerous, windy stretch of canal into a much more navigable bit of water. It's a triumph of humanity over nature, and it's astonishing.

Thanks to Dan W - - for letting me borrow his footage from the busier parts of the port of Rotterdam!

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F RoFer
I live in the Netherlands and I have never heard of it, it's amazing!
Neurotic Sos
I like how they're all graffiti'd
toasty bear
"This is a triumph of humans over nature, and it is wonderful"
Spoken as a true nerd Tom 😂
Joshua van der Poll
Dit heb ik zelf nooit geweten
Shawn Michaelis
Trump approves
Anglo-Dutch sausage
More on Dutch engineering please
The Illuminaughty
But why film from a position where you're also showing off some asshat's graffiti tag?
Samagra Dev
I really love your videos! Please keep making em’
Anonymous bub
They should or wind turbines on the top of those walls to generate energy.
Ancient Cookie
Luckily it wasn’t built in Groningen because then it would crack
The Dutch are literally fighting the elements
I can just imagine a druid going "Humans will always lose against the elemetns" and a Dutch looking at him and starting to laugh
Fill in the spaces and Trump's got his wall
Baldboy Elbow is disabled
*"God Created The World, But The Dutch Created The Netherlands"*
Andreas Tormin
I love your videos, because they underline my thought that even if a thousand people say It's impossible, but the right person says it is possible it can and will happen. Best example is Elon Musk and sapceX's landing rockets.
Thanks for the inspiring videos and greetings from a future German Engineer :D
I'm from the Netherlands and I didn't even know this...
I'm more interested in Hapag-Lloyd
Carlo loke lim
How do i still feel wind then?
josef ralph endaya
Im making a note here:
huge success.
In america they have a wal against mexicans we have a wal against the wind
Not really that impressive if you compare it to the thousands or tens of thousands of miles of wind breaks planted in the central US to stop the dust bowl. Between the bad farming practices that caused it and the good farming practices and wind breaks, they basically terraformed the area twice in the 20th century.
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The Level Crossing You Have To Power How The Netherlands Stopped The Wind 1 day ago   01:37

Share - @tomscott - Out in the countryside near Canterbury, on the London to Ramsgate line, there's a strange level crossing - one that requires human effort. It's strange what railway history leaves us with. (Thanks to @quixoticgeek on camera duty!)