Watch the ISS hatch open to the SpaceX VFX Artist Reveals How Big SpaceX Rockets 2 days ago   1:05:01

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None Yun
FAKEX Busted again! They used the bags on their head because they're hiding it's different guys, which they couldn't do live with their harness system. Nice try!
Owen Paterson
Uh... why does the preview thumbnail for this video have the Dragon cargo variant..?
Enlightened Prophets
FBI open up
Justin Reyes
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Ruben Almanza
Cursed Khien
Pretty sweet, also first.
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VFX Artist Reveals How Big SpaceX Rockets Watch the ISS hatch open to the SpaceX 2 days ago   03:54

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Big thanks to Reese Wilson for providing me with the 3D models of all three SpaceX rockets! I only wrendered them, but he built them from scratch! You can find him here on Twitter and Instagram by the handle of @AstroReeseW

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Wren walks us through with context how big the new rockets at Space X.

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