A San Diego Activist To Run For Rep. Juan Living Out of a Van 2 days ago   03:53

A San Diego community organizer enters politics.
The young Democrat launched her campaign on Facebook.
Aeiramique Glass Blake told me …all of her service has prepared her to represent the 51st congressional district.

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Living Out of a Van A San Diego Activist To Run For Rep. Juan 2 days ago   03:29

For San Diego County's homeless, finding a safe place to sleep just got a little harder. A week ago the City of Vista pulled the plug on a program there. Cornerstone Christian Church opened its parking lot for people to sleep overnight in their cars. But the city said the program would need to apply for costly permits and undergo public hearings to continue. Dreams for Change, the organization running the program, still offers an overnight lot close to downtown San Diego. Reporter Acacia Squires brings us this story of one family taking advantage of it.