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Marcus Avila
How do I get ripped like him?
Dolsie Mercado
Sohaima Alam fabiha
While others sleep you work for it😁😁😁
I wanted to be inspired, not yelled at. What is wrong with the second guy?

If I wanted to be yelled at I'd just go to work...

Stop yelling at people and start inspiring!
Ryan Hildreth
Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a major idol in my life💯 I went from struggling dropout 😓 to making my first $1,000,000 online at 26🙌🏼💰💰 because of thre words he said “repetition, repetition, repetition”🔥🔥🔥
Thank God for these inspirational videos. It makes me believe I can do anything, and I can.
Joseph Ters
Nice video you killed it!! And it’s great to see one of my favorite icons on your channel💯👌🏼
Stacy Caruso
Got ripped off by Hollywood.
moonbaseorbust1 moonbaseorbust2
👀💙U ✌👀🌈👀✌
Becoming A Better You
Practical Inspiration
Don't let others decide your life for you. As Arnie says, dream big, trust yourself, ignore the naysayers and work like hell!
Kannapiran R.P
Thank you
Les brown is in this video at the middle end he is awesome too!
Does anyone know the song name of the song that starts at 1:00
Your Favorite Lifecoach
*You don’t have to prove THEM wrong...*

The only one you need to prove wrong is the voice inside your head saying you can’t do it.
Authentic Self Guide
Arnie changed the game in so many ways 🙏🏼👌🏼
Lenka Kaclova
not what, but WHO do you want to be?
Claire Tipping
Love you Arnie your such a true inspiration x
Project Eli
From a letter to my son: You know Eli, you are a unique individual just like everybody else. Let me rephrase that. My son, you are not the same as everybody else AND, you are the same as everybody else. Say WHAT? Perhaps I had better elaborate. When you stop and think about it, we all have blood flowing through our veins, five senses, hair (though it may not be located in all the same places), feelings, desires, a vision for ourselves, vital organs, and belly buttons. Though I consider myself fortunate to believe that I am different than everybody else, I am grateful that an orthopedic surgeon knew what to do when I recently had my hip replaced. He was confident that he could help me. He’s seen scenarios like mine before. He healed me so I could walk without pain and given me hope that I may continue to dominate you when we play basketball again. Fortunately, I have the same parts that he studied in medical school. He knew that if he performed certain actions on my hip, there would be a positive cause and effect result. Thank you medical science. He had seen it all before.

When you ponder your life and its challenges, you must not think that you are the first person to be born into a poor family, or the first person to have big nostrils, or a receding hairline, or a stutter, or be slow a foot. Everybody has big ears somewhere. We all have perceived obstacles. That is one place where we are all the same. By the way, Eli, many people have told me that you look just like me. Not to worry then, I made it somehow.

Let’s talk about some positive things that are the same for everybody. Let’s see…why don’t we start with the Universal laws? There is the law of belief. There is the law of attraction. There is the law of gravity. There are the laws of electricity. Let’s stop there because I’d like to keep this simple and not put too much on your plate at once.

The law of belief simply means that if you believe something strongly enough, you can make it happen. Its components include visualizing the results you are seeking every day; feeling like you have already achieved your objective when you visualize it; seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing and smelling it as part of your visualization; and expressing gratitude that it has been achieved even before it has been achieved. Very simply stated it is to conceive, believe, achieve in your mind.

How about the law of attraction? Like attracts like. Send out the vibrations of your desired outcome into the universe. Thoughts are things. Well, Eli, if all you needed to do was to send out vibrations, I would have given you a vibrator for your birthday. It is true that your thoughts are things. But, discard the cliché that once you see it, then you’ll believe it. Throw it in the trash. The law of attraction is that once you give a specific objective your entire attention, you will start to see things that are related to your desire that you hadn’t noticed, that events will occur that relate to your objective, and that ideas will come to you through dreams, intuition and happenstance. Why? Because when you send out a clear vibe to the universe, the Universal Planner will partner with you to help you achieve your goal. As I previously mentioned, this partnership communication may come to you in many varied formats. How will you know when you are receiving input from the Planner? There is a connection between your “gut” and your brain. Sometimes the term intuition is used. Trust this feeling. Remember two key points. The Universe will key in to help solve your issue only if it is a burning desire, your singular purpose. And second, be sure to NOT include solutions when you dream about the outcome you are seeking. Those solutions, that your conscious self has already attempted without success, become part of the message being sent. Leave the line clear for the Universe to utilize all of the different paradigms available to solve your issue. Presenting one paradigm limits the Universe. Our capabilities house only a few paradigms. The Universe has all of the paradigms in the Universe. In this case, less is MUCH more.

Moving on to the law of gravity. Be certain that the company you enlist to assist you in your endeavor are positive believers in your objective and/or your desire. Unfortunately, there are many more doubters than there are supporters of ambitious, innovative thoughts, ideas and practices. Be particularly wary of those closest to you because they sincerely believe that they are helping you by discouraging you. And, their sincerity sells. Trust your gut. Their gravity will bring you down because, like enthusiasm, gravity is also contagious. Choose the company that you keep judiciously. The vaccine for this virus is the daily doses of belief that you inject into your body upon awakening in the morning and just before retiring at night. If you miss a dose of the belief serum, you run the risk of becoming a manic depressive. You will get very high on the highs and very low on the lows. Take your medicine at least two times a day and Escape the pull of gravity.

The law of electricity is next. To keep the current flowing between you, Eli, and the Universal Planner, your partner, you must take action. Where there is no action, there is no current. When you take action you electrify your motivation, you make progress, and you motivate the Universal Partner to give you positive and negative feedback. You’ll know when you receive positive feedback because we call that progress. It is an addictive elixir. It generates momentum. Negative feedback is also positive because it is the Universe telling you that you must seek a new direction, paradigm, or method to move forward. Be sure to try solving your roadblock issue with your conscious mind first. If you are unable to find the solution that way, enlist the aid of the subconscious mind, the Universal Partner, to help you regain forward movement and momentum.

Quick summary. Be cognizant that you are a unique individual and not a unique individual. Your physical make-up is virtually the same as everybody else’s. And, everybody has issues that challenge them and must be overcome to reach their individual goals. These are the characteristics of similarity.

What makes you different is utilizing the Universal laws and having the wherewithal to put them to use. These laws, as we have described them, uniquely, are the laws of belief, attraction, gravity, and electricity. It takes a considerable amount of understanding, courage, mindset, and persistence to make them work for you so that you may enable yourself to achieve your unique purpose.

Isn’t it ironic that what separates the achiever from the non-achiever is the capability to master Universal laws that are the same for everybody? That is what enables you to be unique.
..Eli's dad
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