Dubai: The Amazing Development of Dubai Burj Dubai Evolution 4 months ago   03:56

A pictorial view of the amazing development of Dubai. From desert, to oil, to resorts rivaling if not exceeding that of Disney, Dubai is home to the most innovative development in the world.

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Redwan Ahmed
Wow it's amazing and a big chance after all
America boy
Dubai,oil will finish in desert one day what will u do?nothing grow in our desert country.all multibillioner will bunk to the respective country.Again depend on sea fish
Jyotsna Gokhale
Video not working, just a blank screen with soothing music. 
they have the only 7 start hotel wtf you on about?
flora lin
"Dubai 1990 from a desert sand began planning and construction.
From scratch, now transformed into a bustling ultra modern city,
His structure is not just a combination of the most advanced science and technology, and also includes the aesthetic and artistic
Showing a refreshing sight!
Dog Gone Films
Can't wait to see what Dubai will be like in the next 20 years and when all their developments are finished.
I love how Dubai develop their country so well, from a nowhere desert became a gorgeous city(or country), i love the shape of their buildings, it creative, looks beautiful in the night, if i were rich, i would invest in Dubai, no doubt about it, it may became one of the most expensive and most gorgeous city in the world
Jamie Smith
NewYork is a crime haven, Ultra Expensive, shity ass city, what Crack have you been smoking? California is 10 times better than NewYork, Los Angeles kicks New Yorks ass.
Jamie Smith
If you like disgusting toilets and ecoli and hepatitis C, then yes Dubai is great for that.
It's a beautiful country and their economy is prospering too! I would love to live there someday and have a job there. But I believe what 1vertigodown meant by "the cost of blood spilled in order to put something like this into motion" is the buildings were built by modern day slaves that come from Inda, Pakistan etc. and that's the downside of Dubai. Though, every country has its own problems.
jealous or stupid? or maybe knows the cost of blood spilled in order to put something like this into motion... It doesnt suprise me for someone with the name "datpimpinboy" to say something so ignorant but for 19 people to agree really worries me
Interesting name you've got! hmmmmm...
@paddlepopkid wtf why would we kill ourselves?
@paddlepopkid yeah and we dubai we are arab & proud
Mike WazWaz
May Allah curse the rulers of Dubai they don't live like Muslims , they live for the material world there day will come soon think of all the good they can do with that money , bunch of showoffs
Francis Dianish Odipattil Sebastian
Huge building is not an amazing development. But greening the desert is amazing.........
@urAllanimalz well the sand in weak spots is compacted down to make solid pillars and blended with a special compound and concrete. second the water way in the arabian gulf is not deep enough to produce any real tsunami threat like what happened in japan
Cezarz channel
a earthquake would trigger a tsunami and wash all their buildings and homes away because they are built on sand and sand dont hold up to pressure when mixed with water.
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Mr NixxxoN
@MillyVanillification well said man, completely agree
Cities like Dubai have no future, they are only illusions
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Burj Dubai Evolution Dubai: The Amazing Development of Dubai 4 months ago   04:28

A new video about Burj Dubai where you can see the tower construction months after months. This video was made with Google Sketchup and with help of !