The Perfect Murder - The Body in the Swamp 20 Days Lost In The Grand Canyon 3 weeks ago   42:33

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The Perfect Murder - The Body in the Swamp

Miami businessman Henry Diaz goes missing the night before a family vacation. His business success has earned him many enemies... even within his own family. But before police can figure out who killed Henry Diaz, they'll need to find his body.

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Debcollette Sam
Why were they not given was totally senseless and they destroyed a family..both of them need to be deported back where they came from so they can rot in a Cuban jail.
Cold-as-ice-007 Zero
so what part exactly of this whole pointless docu is the perfect murder? am i missing something? this is the most retarded docu ive ever seen in my life lmao...... title shouldve been most obvious textbook murder... the real perfect murders are the one's you dont hear about....
Lee H
I don't get why the guy who killed him didn't just get a job as a stripper so he could pay the $ back?
Henna du plessis
Life is cheap in USA.
Supreme Commander Thor
"i'm not blaming the victim but....."
Yer your just tarnishing his memory, scum of the earth just murdered a man with a family then had the gall to go around spending money from the cards he stole and all the people here can focus on is that the victim went to a strip club........
what the fffu-
Don't put "money man" on your license plate.
C Harrison
Florida, the new US frontier of Cowboys. Floated over on a raft from Cuba, illegally entering the US - who would have thought!? I remember being in Florida, in 1996 and hiring a car at 22 and everyone in Florida went nuts. As I was English and that was just after the hire companies had taken their names off the Florida number plates, due to all the hijacking, murders and killing of tourists in hire cars. So not much has changed in Florida since the 1990's.
Wade 16
The boogie man killed the money man.
Hello Kitty
Lol the guy going to strip clubs & banging hookers... i wonder how many STDS he must have passed his wife!
The bastard got what he deserved she is better off without him! All cheater deserve the worst!
I am glad his brothers didn't kill him! They loved him & were super worried for him!
I do think 25 isn't long enough. He is an evil man who should be given death penalty
however the accomplice shouldn't have got 18 yrs though as he had no choice.. anyone would have helped if they had a gun pointed on their heads!
If he hadn't gone to the club and just went home to be with his loyal wife, then he would still be alive. but he rather have the joys of lying to his and being unfaithful due to lust, then he would be alive. However, being a double edge sword no one should take another life for no reason and the two men involved deserved what they got.
Betzayda Brethour
I hate to say it but the killer and the guy murdered were absolutely gorgeous!!! Wow what a shame
manu bore
bloody idiot
chino xhale
Henry was struck with a 9mm round entering the right side of his face, exiting the left part of his jaw and that death was instant thing in which is a good thing because he was dead before he hit the water and the alligators ate his arms. Police: OHH LUCKY HIM! = wtf!!! LMAO
A freaking cold blooded murderer still have a defendant ?? with all the proof and eye witness... still got a defendant ?? not only that, but only 25 years ?? really ??
David Manske
A lovely tale of a bunch of douchebags
Sandbach Merry gold
He tricks his business partner got all the deal for himself then lied to his wife to have fun with a strip club. I pity his wife.
Fred Winslow
The only line they gave the wife was “why would you say that , ask that , do that .....”
Eivind 2712
is this the cop from its always sunny in philadelphia??? The one from "making dennis reynolds a murder" episode?
Anna Alexandra
humanity in this days……i don't understand how easy is to ,,,just kill somebody,,,……not stress at all,,,how they can live ……after that,,,not peaceful i hope!!!!!!
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20 Days Lost In The Grand Canyon The Perfect Murder - The Body in the Swamp 3 weeks ago   48:10

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