Boris Johnson vs Ian Lavery: 'You Boris Johnson refuses to comment 1 day ago   03:12

BBC News
It wasn't just raised voices between Boris Johnson and Labour's Ian Lavery after TV leader's debate.

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Boris is incompetent and a liar. The UK is screwed if he becomes PM.
Notey Note
All MP's are liers and conts
“He shouted in my ear” hahaha.
boris is both clever and likeable. the others are so mundane.
AK 10pro_official
The BBC being the mouthpiece and "His Master's Voice"of the British Establishment by not airing the latest video of"Boring" Johnson and instead shown an out or date clip exposes all that is wrong with the former "Great Britain ".
The politically bankrupt Tory Party has run out of candidates for the high post of the Prime Minister of "Great Britain "and can only choose the most repulsive character around-Mr Boring Johnson.
The Tory establishment seem to deny the fact that Mr.Johnson is an out of the closet FEMEPHOBE(a woman hate).He has verbally attacked vulnerable Muslim women with letter boxes and bank robbers.Mr Johnson must be color blind in this case as the letter boxes are coloured red.Moreover no Burka clad woman has ever robbed a bank any where in Europe let alone in the UK.Being the next UK Prime Minister as expected he is obliged to the very list give lip service, if he cannot do anything else,to the high regard,respect,love and consideration as almost any other sane, self respecting and sober person would do to all women who are after all our grandmothers, mothers,aunts,sisters and daughters among among our other relations.
Being a bully and a woman basher he will be hard put to conform to even the lowest norms of humane or civilsed behaviour.Our Mr.Punch was so averse to even the well intentioned neighbourly intervention to try to put an end to his brutal bashing of his favourte Judy that he reachedthe extent of telling off the good samaritans and threatening to sue these" pesky and nosey neighbours".
I congratulate him before hand for attaining the highest office under Her Majesty.But he should know one of the reasons that the astute Mr.Corbin had not for it tooth and nail is because presently it stinks. Mr Johnson you would be presiding on the terrifying aspect of a No Deal Brexit and all it entails
Jaber Ettaieb
Boris what you do man that is to much
British politics.
Take that back old boy come on be the big man and take it back *kiss kiss* lmao!
Potato Joe
Ian Lavery made Boris look like a boss!....take it back old boy....kiss kiss....LMFAO!
AK 10pro_official
On the other hand it will be Divine and natural Justice if Boris is imposed as leader of the British People.This would be just punishment for this nation's cumulative sins for centuries of heinously brutal crimes of invansions,colonisation, looting of natural resources, enslavement , torture, imprisonment and massacres,dispersement,causing dissent,divisions and wars between native populations all over the globe .All this purportedly done in the name of Christianity and of shouldering the "White man's burden" of civilising the natives.
The Americans have already have their pay off by having Trump as their President all be it by default.He could never have been President if he had faced off Bernie Sanders.The corrupt officials in charge of the Democratic Party selection of candidates standing for the office of the President were committed to choosing Mrs.Clinton.The people would have none of it and many stayed at home while others made a protest vote in favour of Mr.Trump.He is now not only the President of the United states of America but also the Grand Wizard and Grand Master of the Ku Klux Clan and Head of of the Global and internazional Fascist and Nazional Movements.
France on the other hand chose Mr Macron the effeminate mother missing weido hiding behind the skirt of his over ripe spouse having been voted in because the long suffering people of France had had enough of the wranglings and ineptness of all the political parties from the right through the middle to the left.All the parties had zero credibility and the People of France had no confidence in any of them.When the outsider and political maverick in the person of Mr.Macron appeared on the political scene the People overwhelmingly voted for his new party and the supporters of the main stream parties refused to vote for them staying home or protest voting for Macron and almost all his candidates took about all the seats in Parliament.Soon after Mr Macron showed his true face and pandered to the rich and powerful by lowering the rates or waving taxes altogether on them.He also passed Bill's which would favour the haves against the have nots who had voted him in.The working claass people would have none of it.But since all the candidates they had voted in betrayed them and were now working for the ruling class they had no recuse but to take to street protests giving birth to the yellow vests movement and others which could probably form a new popular party to take on Macron and other candidates in the next French Presidential elections.
Len Atfield-Cutts
Who is this Ian Lavery idiot. What a horrible rude, pearl clutching lefty. As for real people and food banks I bet they prat has never had to go to one. Just because your a labour politician doesn't mean you have the slightest clue about what do called ordinary people think. The people voted to leave full stop, get on with it and obey the will of the British people your employers or step aside, pack up politics and get a real job
A hahah 😒
Carl Pounder
So embarrassing to watch
Whitehart 13
Love the YouTube algorithms bringing this back trying to influence things.
Whitehart 13
Stop being so rude? Pot and kettle.
Rowley Jefferson
Old men crying at each over, give it a rest.
Don Szuti
Boris is doing even a sexual harassment at the end.
Don Szuti
Boris is doing even a sexual harassment at the end.
Wally Sinnawallie
Interviewer/ judge is more biased than who Wilder paid off in Wilder Vs Fury
Super Channel
And this idiot Boris will lead UK....good luck.
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Boris Johnson refuses to comment Boris Johnson vs Ian Lavery: 'You 1 day ago   12:56

Boris Johnson isn't answering any questions about what happened in the early hours of Friday morning when police were called to the London flat he shares with his partner Carrie Symonds, after neighbours reported sounds of screaming and shouting.(Subscribe:

A neighbour who made the call - and handed a recording of the incident to the Guardian newspaper - told the paper today they hoped anyone would have done the same, out of concern for those involved.


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