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Netherlands can be called the heart of Northern Europe. Flanked by Germany and Belgium, and sharing maritime borders with England, this small state is truly in the middle of European affairs. But, instead of conforming, Netherlands stands out and surprises all visitors with its unique traditions and customs. Its beautiful landscapes and architecture are adequately represented by an equally beautiful people. Transport yourself to the unique confines of Amsterdam, then to the dams and levees of Zeeland, before zooming above the blaze of colourful flowers in the Dutch countryside. View From Above captures Netherlands and its people by using cutting-edge DJI unmanned recreational drones, taking shots of the charming country in ways that have never been seen before.

Netherlands, literally meaning “Lower Lands” in reference to the country’s height in relation to sea-level, has been home to a number of cultures and traditions. Ancient Germanic and Roman influence made way for Norman expansion. Norman rule was overthrown by the expanding Holy Roman Empire commandeered by Frankish princes, and the Franks made way for the Burgundian and Hapsburg kings who later became the dukes of Dutch estates. These dukes and princes later formed a union of sorts that was coordinated in The Hague, and thus began the golden age for the Dutch, who controlled a vast sum of wealth thanks to their great banking and trading empires.

Netherlands, sometimes known by its historic name ‘Holland’, has its history of wealth and trade invested in its capital of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a web of canals and little streets of which a multitude of different people call home. The city is a treasure trove of hidden jewels but the travelling enthusiast should definitely tick the more well known attractions like Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum and the Red Light District off their list. If visitors are looking for a more modern Dutch city, then a visit to Rotterdam is recommended, but it’s in The Hague and Utrecht where visitors can be treated to more classical Dutch architecture and lifestyle.

The Netherlands has always been known to be vertically challenged. The country does not rise much unless you travel to the far south and west, and for this reason they suffer from frequent flooding. With rising sea levels, Netherlands has needed to implement mechanisms that prevent the seas from completely submerging low lying farmlands and towns. A trip to the world renown Delta Works around Zeeland region will have every visitor marvelling at Netherland’s technical and mechanical expertise. A vast system of levees, locks, sluices, dams and tide-activated barriers stop the oceans slow advance.

Netherland’s lowlands are dotted with little towns and villages making their livelihoods in and amongst the damp waterways and canals. A trip to Engewormer, the marshy area north of Amsterdam, is a favourite walking and cycling destination where visitors can experience the birdlife and appealing Netherlands countryside. These kind of areas are home to Netherlands’ iconic windmills which have been pumping water off the scarce dry fields for generations. Towns closer to the coast, like that of Hellevoetsluis, have their beginnings entrenched in their watery surroundings. These cities in the mouths of canals are popular destinations for sailing and other water-sports.

Netherlands is known to be a great exporter of flowers, and the gem of their flower trade is the Keukenhof gardens where flower producers have been allowed to pageant their tulip and bulb blooms for decades.

Netherlands is a beauty that is a must-visit for anyone travelling to Europe.

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I cant imagine that this country is so beautiful
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Woow so beautiful....
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Beautiful country and amazing views😍
i love Netherlands💙🌹
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Truly liked it.
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If you jump, you can see the whole country!
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Holland Michigan USA, with the largest Dutch population in America, is so pretty with tulips and traditional buildings
Should have made some scenes with Friesland and Limburg in it
What the hell dude, nice vid but screw that music for fuck sake !!!!
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Can you please add Portugal for the view from above
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Photography beautiful but the lack of information a pitty! Would have loved to know what I an looking at. My great grand parents moved from the Netherlands to South Africa. Would have liked to know more about the Country.
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god make the world the dutch make the netherlands
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What is the soundtrack called?
What, no rain? I thought Arab travel agencies actively advertised about the frequent rains in Holland. Even to the point where if an Arab tourist has visited The Netherlands and did not encounter any rain, he or she would get a discount.
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1:48 Hellevoetsluis My town!!
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