River crossing with a LAV US sniper team reality! 3 months ago   03:02

U.S Army W.T.F! moments
SSG E-tool and his merry men

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Erik S
This was actually a Marine unit, and the fault was with the LT who was the Vehicle Commander (VC). They had to get pulled out by another Vic after being stranded in the water.
T Money
Good luck explaining this one lol.
Red-3 go figure its the green tank
See what had happened was.....
U.S Army W.T.F! moments

The guy in the video is wearing Desert variant of Marpat.
Brian Dang
1:04 guy with aviator glasses is like "What the fuck? I was trying to lit this blunt up, now you got it all wet!"
Old, bald fat man
Wish there was a video of them not only recovering the vehicle, but the MAJOR ass chewing they got from their 1st Sgt.
good thing we spend money on awesome shit like this instead of stupid universal healthcare
Our military is a huge waste of money.
Oumar Mbaye
to much weight on that lav its over loaded plus when it starts to flood the reaction should have been to close all the hatches while you are outside of the tank so that water will have no more room do to air pressure
They must have gotten their asses handed to them afterwards
Great (stupid) US army forces.
So what was the cause and what was the cost to repair and what became of the crew
You wonder why Gunny drinks so much.. This will be a good story at the E Club in a view months.
Franck Orff
I guess the driver always wanted to join the navy as a submariner but had to make do with the army.
Captain Rhodes
bet these guys are peeling potatoes right now
Care to explain how this happened? lolz
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US sniper team reality! River crossing with a LAV 3 months ago   02:51

Don't belive everything you get in your email...
This is a video made by ryandpahl,
he is an expert in explaining things! I use his vid for the reason he made this! because i am sick and tired of all the people sending me emails with this about snipers and people getting killed! NOT TRue.... look the movie