Salisbury attack: Watch Theresa Tory rebels’ move to kill 2 months ago   14:08

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Two Russian spies, operating under aliases of 'Alexander Petrov' and 'Ruslan Boshirov' have been named as those responsible for the novichok attack in Salisbury in June this year.

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Jo Knockout1978
Theresa may should do something with serious punishment and consequences
Lew nikulin
Your Teresa will be very good in the role of " bacteria "from advertising disinfectant for the toilet"Domestos".
keree oneill
She was part of the dossier that ispied on trump campayne and conspired to get him removed they blamed russia hacking when it was her hacking us elections she is also part of a plan to kill donald trump and all will be shown very soon. The dossier has been given to judicial watch. She is is alot of trouble and why she is doing this ,she should be hanging for treason alomg with hilary obama bush military tribunerals . This is why she desperate game over x
Raul Gubert
well said, it makes sense, everything else is smog.
keree oneill
Lock her up lier x syria ??? Sick demented woman x what a evil bitch x
Tomáš Bouzek
Theresa Sharia May is terrible liar and traitor. Churchill would order to execute her at the spot.
r e
True or not true may needs to go. Weak dull uninspiring leader.
Outgarth Loki
And people wonder why UK citizens would leave their land, their language and everything they know to live amongst savages in the New World.
Rahul Khanna
Lol. Standup comedy at its best !!!
JamesClerk Maxwell
Putin's GRU. What's the Machiavellian reason for this? To make the UK afraid of Russia?
Alvaro Corleone
It’s mad! Let’s stop as soon as possible those fightings with the Russian bear! Sort out the murder, accuse them, put some closed sanctions and STOP developing those stupid infinitive sanctions against it (bear) anymore! The longer it takes the more irritated he becomes and more turbulent the international relationship becomes! Don’t you see we both play on nerves since many years ago...Who the hell welcomes, hides, feeds and works with ex-spies of Russia who reveals sll he knows. Than OFCOURSE he’s killed! Let’s look at ourselves first, then at them!
alan smith
State propaganda much like the BBC uses this is and if Putin wanted someone knocked off in the UK then they would be dead and this crap that Mrs May is taking is just as bad as Tony's Blair's WMD lies that resulted in the killing of Dr Kelly and today we all know that he was right. Keep recording these traitors, will help when we hold them to account after we fix our broken justice system that has terminal cancer.
tyandar 334
These international scandals like this one with the ''Novichok'' are means of escaping reality for politicians like Theresa May. And not only for her. This is a trait for all Western politics but the UK and the US are the most fervent spearheads that are pursuing this sort of policy. They need trouble outside. An outside enemy. They are refusing to face the reality. They are scared of the grim reality. They don't want to see what's going on inside. This international scandal with the so called Novichok is something pretty small. And the evidence presented is unconvincing . I think they are trying to evade reality. What about the wave of stabbings that's been going on since... when in Britain, Theresa? How many people have died? It is a tsunami. What about the drugs overflowing the streets of the British cities? It's very easy to get drugs in Britain, Theresa. Very easy. I think you are a bunch of incompetents.
Real News 41
Dumb lying cunt that’s all she is
Spivze Spivatron
Fuck off MAY !WE the BRITISH PEOPLE cant stand the sight of you and if Putin declares war on YOU ..DO NOT expect our help ! YOU!!!!! Have turned this country into a muslim hellhole teeming with thousands of North African large foreheaded 1 cm thin wristed ET WOGZ ..YOU BASTARD ..i hope Putin Novichocks your cornflakes
At least Nina Ricca got free advertising!!!
What a CUNT
Lucia Tilyard
Traces of Novichoc in their hotel room? Funny they didn't die from it, how is the Chamber maid?
Lucia Tilyard
Like the boy who cried "Wolf".
Lucia Tilyard
Just what are you up to, Theresa?
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Tory rebels’ move to kill Salisbury attack: Watch Theresa 2 months ago   17:41

Conservative pro-Brexit MPs claim they've got a plan to unlock one of the trickiest issues in the Brexit negotiations, avoiding a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

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Their idea, to streamline customs checks using established technology, was swiftly dismissed by Dublin as an "unworkable distraction".

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