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July 18th

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he should become a meme, finally one that makes people feel better
i"ll think of something
bitcoin on the move->
thank you very much
just that they are not just digits on a screen. bitcoins are finite and can only be created in a process called mining, in which a computer network anyone can join in on verifies the validity of transactions, thus only currency untits that actually are at the addresses they are sent from can be sent. you can try spending digits on your screen created out of nothing, but you will be the only one in the network accepting them
MuchBitcoin DOT org
Thanks for uploading this video! Anyone interested can watch more bitcoin videos on my channel!
if anyone here wants a small bitcoin sample let me know.
bitcoin is brilliant. All it needs is for more people to start using it and you cut of the fat cats source of energy, namley sucking away your value through inflation to end up in their pockets, thats essentially what happens with fiat. Use bitcoin and that is an impossibility.
moderator is annoying
joe schmoe
Bitcoin IS brilliant!
If you're talking about bitcoin, I use it to buy services from tutors and cheap foreign programmers. Fuck you, bitcoin doesn't need you.
Resemblance to Bruce Willis helps.
Bitcoin é um perigo....faz parte do plano da nova ordem mundial...
fuck money that you can actually use to buy things
A fixação pelo Daniel Fraga com o Bitcoin está me deixando pensativo. No futuro ele se revelará um dos brasileiros mais inteligentes ou um dos mais idiotas. The bets are high.
they probably love cocaine, and bitcoin...
While there is a growing section of the market which is accepting bitcoin, I'm not sure it's correct to say the market created Bitcoin. If you go down those lines you can also state that the Internet was created by the market, since although the governments general revenue comes from cohersion, it participates in the market when it comes to purchasing and selling some things. You could state that Bitcoin was created by the private sector, as opposed to government subsidies or schools.
Two anarchists on Fox... SWEET.
BTC for the win!
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What Is Bitcoin? Tom Woods Talks Jeffrey Tucker: Bitcoin Makes 1 day ago   30:32

Filling in as host of the Peter Schiff Show, bestselling author Tom Woods interviews Erik Voorhees of BitInstant about Bitcoin, and takes listener calls. Visit these sites:
And read Erik's "Bitcoin: A Libertarian Introduction":