Healthy or junk food? Busting The 2 Million Calorie Buffet (Overeating 1 day ago   22:26

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Food Fiction | Originally broadcast Feburary 13, 2015
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FSM ishere
why would anyone drink ready soup in the first place? americans really have no food culture...
Nairne K
You wouldn’t sit down and eat a whole bowl of chips.... hahah.... of course I wouldn’t.... never
Android Walle
What's with the palm oil in Nutella?!?!?? Superficial show.
Adriana Tomic
Why don't people read....? it is written on it. Cook food yourself if you really want to eat healthy. Buy fresh...and prepare.
Nicoletta tollon
Who cares if nutella isn't healthy! Do people really think it's healthy?!
Kilian Mio
fruits in itself are missleading
Kilian Mio
This video has some missleading parts too though. For example the bread. I dont eat vegetables for the vitamins but for the fibers and I'm sure this whole grain vegetable bread has enough of them.
Jasbir Singh
Must eat natural foods directly from mother nature.
moron daily
*laughs in obese*
Too much sodium!
Rhys Roberts
Of course Nutella isn’t healthy wtf
Mohammad Frzn
I haven't even seen the video but...

Nutella is 100%%% junk-fooOOoooOOood-Sugar-sh*t!!
Lara Sorrentino
You guys... what about the palm oil?
ant-1 -1
those nutritional labels are so misleading, I figured that out years ago. A prime example is soda, say you buy a 500ml soda, look at the label and it tells you how much sugar is in a serving, then observe the serving size is 250ml!! Who buys one of these things and is only going to drink half of it.
9:18 You ever watched sports, lady?

(this is only a joke, i dont even eat chips but i bet a lot of people eat not just 1 bowl of them)
archer c
three million is nothing to a company like that.
Osman Aden
Who even said nutella was healthy
Osman Aden
Me and my mum when we make fun of other families
Ayden Holton
15:05 Ah, yeah. Yet another marketing tactic. Any healthy claims like '100% fruit' that have the word DERIVED in front of them essentially means they're nothing but a white lie.
Ayden Holton
15:05 Ah, yeah. Yet another marketing tactic. Any healthy claims like '100% fruit' that have the word DERIVED in front of them essentially means nothing but a white lie.
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The 2 Million Calorie Buffet (Overeating Healthy or junk food? Busting 1 day ago   45:46

These buffet hunters are determined to beat the all-you-can-eat restaurants they visit. In an eating-frenzy hardly seen before, narrator Johnny Vegas guides us through the 2,000,000 Calorie Buffet, while offering a naked eye on all-you-can-eat restaurants on Britain's high-streets.

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