Croatian city of Dubrovnik overwhelmed Visit Croatia - The DON'Ts of Visiting 1 day ago   05:02

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Last year, over a million people visited the beautiful Croatian walled city of Dubrovnik. But the UNESCO World Heritage site on the Adriatic coast is becoming a victim of its own success. With thousands of visitors every day, Dubrovnik is suffering a similar fate to other mass tourist destinations throughout Europe. Authorities are now considering options to limit access to the Old City, as this report explains.
A report by our France 2 colleague Ambrine Bdida.
A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett, Jessica Sestili and Aline Schmidt.

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The Protagonist
zapaali graaad
B En
Too many people, too many people who can afford to travel, not enough interesting and safe places to attract tourists and even things out, so many end up going to Europe including other Europeans. Europe is also surrounded by other continents full of people unlike the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and each country is not that big. The cities/countries should charge tourists fees and possibly restrict them to visit once every few years unless it's for business but they make money from this so they have little incentive to even though it's destroying the local life. I try to imagine what some of these cities were like during the late 20th century where the quality of life was better than before and before tourism exploded and turned these places into theme parks.
Alex Shuysky
So do you want the money or do you want the heritage?
Stephen McKenna
Lisbon, Barcelona, Venice, Dublin are all no go areas now in Spring/Summer. Quick profit for a few but ruined lives for locals.
Croatia is beautiful, beautiful people, beautiful culture, I loved
DPC channel
Do you know that there was a hint in the GOT Se8 5 episode which shows crowds going into Kingslanding but they close the doors. As Dubrovnik itself have to do because of the mass tourism.
Keith Ferns
Bravoloto ads scam..????
Will Richardson
Game of Thrones has done to Dubrovnik what The Beach did to Thailand
Amsterdam sucks because of all the tourists. It exploded there too, and game of thrones didn’t even film there.
Charge the visitors to enter the city.
Lucille Baltazar
Just a poo and pee the locals can get from mass tourism.destroying the beauty of the host country.
Wah Tu Sy
Well, in Boracay in the Philippines .. the number of cruise ships has been limited.. I think they should do that also
Jack Black
Game of Thrones tourists
For people watching this 100 years from now: yes, that's how crowded the world was in 2019.
Well Daenerys burnt the town so the problem is solved now ☺
Mark Yaske
Where's the McDonalds?
Sweet Little Paula
Dubrovnik: *suffering from success* (Jk)
Chino Chan
Is Croatia in Germany?
So, they're complaining about influx of tourist dollars .. interesting!
Ikechukwu Nwofia
Go ahead and ban or control the influx of tourist that bring foreign exchange to your town which provides a boom in your economy but don’t complain when the economy is bad and your youths have to go to other European country looking for jobs.
You can’t eat ur cake and have it again!!!!
The local or state government should go ahead to put measures in place to make it convenient for the locals too by putting factors like time lapse(periods) etc for tourist.
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Visit Croatia - The DON'Ts of Visiting Croatian city of Dubrovnik overwhelmed 1 day ago   09:14

Croatia, from the insane crowds of Dubrovnik to the amazing palace in Split to the Krka Falls, to the capital Zagreb, there are a lot of things a tourist should do when they visit Croatia. This video focuses on what tourists and travelers shouldn't do when they go to Croatia. From the food, to safety, to culture shock some things you should know about Croatia so you can have a great time in Croatia.
Filmed in Hvar, Croatia
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