Croatian city of Dubrovnik overwhelmed A Tour of DUBROVNIK, CROATIA: Incredible 2 days ago   05:02

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Last year, over a million people visited the beautiful Croatian walled city of Dubrovnik. But the UNESCO World Heritage site on the Adriatic coast is becoming a victim of its own success. With thousands of visitors every day, Dubrovnik is suffering a similar fate to other mass tourist destinations throughout Europe. Authorities are now considering options to limit access to the Old City, as this report explains.
A report by our France 2 colleague Ambrine Bdida.
A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett, Jessica Sestili and Aline Schmidt.

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damn shame they are raping the city
Kry Kry
Fuck..I wanted to visit but that's just too many people. I wonder when the downtime best time to go is then ? Also 2:00 was hilarious I laughed out loud
#no Filter
damn i was on a business trip in december there and was thinking how beautiful the city is, didnt expect that mass of tourism in the summer there.
Petar Ticinovic
If you're in France you should be more worried about what you're being overwhelmed by.
I was part of the UNPROFOR mission in the 1990s and our unit was stationed outside just north of Split. I had the chance to visit Dubrovnik in 1995 for about four days and it was very peaceful and beautiful, despite the war that was going on not too far away. Would love to go back but I'm sure I'd be disappointed given my previous wonderful experience....
Croatia Off the Beaten Path
I spent a week in Dubrovnik in July 2017 and I used the people-counting app/website to avoid the crowds in the old town. And managed to do that successfully.
Old Serbian city stolen by commies and now handed over to foreigners..
ava c
I’m here July/August time and I was expecting it to be so busy and uncomfortable but it’s not at all
Steve Delahunty
I went early morning 7.00am. (End of June). Hardly any tourist. Enjoyed my time. Climbed city walls at 8am. First to get to walls. I took one hour on half of the wall. Great views. Next half only about 15minutes as tourist hordes started to get in from other city wall gate. I was pushed around. Wasnt a pleasant experience. I guess that was the best I could do.
Doge di Amalfi
Dubrovnik, ex Ragusa. Built by Italic tribes. Don't complain, this city is not even yours.
this is like genocide of locals by tourism
Im going there because of Game of Thrones 😁🙈
Maureen Kitty
everything is because Game of Thrones. So perhaps when the shows ends, the tourism will decline
Croatian Master
Yes Croatia is beautiful but too many tourists TOO MANY
Bren Lane
I just visited Dubrovnik in late October, and no crowds compared to what was illustrated in this video. We were told by locals just how busy it is in the summer. I'm relieved we missed all that, and it was still beautiful in the fall.
Sabo Rivaille
Maybe i should just go in March
ReeLoy Kenjins
Kings Landing
Leon Mihelčić
Uh, the restaurant owner actually said something along the lines of "we have people who are drinking and partying on the streets, and we can't bring that to an end".. why would you translate something so blatantly wrong lol?
Little Binch
I feel bad for the people that live there. It's not big enough.
mass of sick and silly people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor sad.
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A Tour of DUBROVNIK, CROATIA: Incredible Croatian city of Dubrovnik overwhelmed 2 days ago   12:28

Exploring the spectacular Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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A Tour of DUBROVNIK, CROATIA: Incredible City in the Balkans