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Egypt' s Future Mega Project (2018 2030)
The New Capital City will be bigger than New York City and Paris
and will have the same size than the Greater Singapore Area.

The proposed new capital of Egypt is a large-scale project announced by Egyptian housing minister Mostafa Madbouly at the Egypt Economic Development Conference on 13 March 2015.

On 700 square kilometres total area, it would have a population of five million people, though it is estimated that the figure could rise to seven million.

Officially, a major reason for the undertaking of the project was to relieve congestion in Cairo, which is already one of the world's most crowded cities, with the population of greater Cairo expected to double in the next few decades.

The city is planned to consist of 21 residential districts and 25 "dedicated districts." Its downtown is to have skyscrapers and a tall monument said to resemble the Eiffel Tower and Washington Monument. The city will also have a park double the size of New York City's Central Park, artificial lakes, about 2,000 educational institutions, a technology and innovation park, 663 hospitals and clinics, 1,250 mosques, 40,000 hotel rooms, a major theme park four times the size of Disneyland, 90 square kilometers of solar energy farms, an electric railway link with Cairo, and a new international airport at the site of the preexisting Wadi al Jandali Airport currently used by the Egyptian Air Force.

It will be built as a smart city. It is planned that the transfer of parliament, presidential palaces, government ministries and foreign embassies will be completed between 2020 and 2022 at a cost of US $45 billion. A full cost and timescale for the overall project has not been disclosed.

This is the future of Egypt and north Africa.

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Egy Ninja
Hammadou Abdu
I wish African countries can do same rather than embezzles money for selfish interest
Roadmaster '93
In my opinion this is gonna fail badly, putting egypt into an even worse financial condition than before. Look at China's abandoned megacity projects. Pretty much the same story. This project is way too ambitious and huge. Also this is pretty much a way of the government to get out of Cairo, taking all the upper class society and the internationally operating enterprices with it, while leaving the lower class in Cairo. Cairo's population will experience further growth, some sources even talk about a population of 40 Mio in 2050. With all of Egypt's money spent on this megaproject Cairo will turn into a place with horrible living conditions and neglected infrastructure
Sajidul Islam
Egypt again need leader like Salah uddin Ayubi
chris bennett
Concrete jungle
I believe ir when I see it
Moe Sharif
This is nothing but the twin brain child of yet another whore who loves to boss people while stealing their time, and energy just to add an insult to their injuries. If you have any doubts that this is nothing but pure corruption, please feel free to check the remote ghost towns started by Mubarak and the other filths that has been surviving on biting and eating from idiots who still believe them.
Kif Geb
What does it cost, keep dreaming. China wont pay it, these are trillions of dollars
Julius Espulgar
In ur dreams egypt..
Lake Vapour
Egypt is densely populated. Overpopulation causes lots of problems.
Tarek Bahr
Noo dide u mixed between twoega projects in egypt the first is sun city its a new city in pyramids area and the new capital
2 different projects one in the west of Egypt and the second in the east of egypt
Until there goverment dont Stop corrouption and Stop hanging Childrens, there cant so anythink
John The king
Egypt is a great nation deserves a nice capital
Mayan Patrick
Mahmoud Ezzat
Mother of the world.
Mo Hak
Lmfao this will never happen people in Egypt are just fucking stupid and disgusting they don't even deserve to live like this they lack common sense and sensibility
pumpkin pie
Public transport for God sake's! 😄 You show me a modern 30 story building, I'm thinking that's 200 cars on the road! The transport needs to be superb to make people ditch their cars. Bike Lanes, trems, subway, all forms and shapes of public transport needs to be here!
Firelight 749
Firelight 749
Must start with educating the people within first. Anything is possible.... Capitalism is a roadmap for success... Beautiful vision...
mohammad tanzeel
I love Islamic countries.
USMLE world
I FEEL SORRY ABOUT EGYPT... No matter how beautiful your capital is, the people keep littering everywhere, they don't flush after pooping/peeing, they fight on the streets, shouting everywhere... eerrghhh
Ash ez
Nothing that looks like ancient Egypt? Seriously?
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Singapore transformation and its future MEGA Egypt's Future Mega Project 2 months ago   07:50

Singapore did an incredible transformation in a generation.
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You will see its future projects too. The city is one of the best in the world. It's a model of a what our cities will look like in the future
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