Marcus Morris Shoves Jaylen Andrew Wiggins Knocks Nerlens 2 months ago   01:27

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Mohamoud Mohamed
Kyrie is like fuck these guys, he looks indifferent haha
joseph Adams
marcus morris is cancer. think he is better than he actually is.
Larry Lumlum
somethings not right🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Nate Burnett
I know people don’t like it when Celtics fans request a trade whenever they lose, but hear me out. Boston needs to trade Rozier. He is a bad player off of the bench and only good while starting. When starting, Rozier is a good playmaker and team player, however, when he comes off of the bench, he tries to be the hero. He doesn’t make good team plays and it looks like he is just trying to do to too much to prove his worth. He is an average defender and off the bench he provides no spark. They need to get a nice playmaking and defensive point guard that is a good player for the bench
Rechelle Obos
kyrie the cock sucker...
Jan kintana
no snitch around me
kyrie was scared, i dont know why?
Ralph Angel Villanueva
Name Last name
The Celtics are a case of too much talent in one team
Anthony Williams
Marcus got mad because Jaylen Brown told him he getting his ass bust by D Wade LMAO😂😂😂😂
Gee Gee
Kyrie wants to be a leader, he needs to learn from these situations.
Wade still cooking... mad respect
Maaan stop with the fake beef, they just weren’t in the right mindset cuz of these L’s we taken
Mentot Compilations
Mind your own business. NBA is a business so just continue working hard to build your stats and be healthy because at the end of the day those are the keys to get what you want and be successful.
Man, one little thing happens and all the Celtics haters start coming out the woodworks 😂
hammers slammers
Celtics garbage
Vladimir Petrovic
The Denver Nuggets get Jaylen Brown. The Celtics get Nikola Jokic. Sound good? Well too late now... Ones who were tuned in at the draft night know what am i talking about...
Steve Fairls
Annnd this is why they're losing
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Andrew Wiggins Knocks Nerlens Marcus Morris Shoves Jaylen 2 months ago   03:23

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