We spent the day with the Trump baby What Did Queen Elizabeth Say to President 2 days ago   03:09

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To protest the US president's state visit, activists behind the 'Trump baby' blimp returned with their 20ft orange inflatable to Parliament Square in London. This time they raised more than £35k for six different groups that support areas Donald Trump has been controversial towards, including climate change, migrants and women.

Though their big baby garnered a lot of media attention and public support, when they carried out a smaller version of the blimp it was attacked and deflated by a far-right protester.

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Wendy Cooper
Trump 2020
You idiot liberals always show yourselves. You are babies yourself.
Edith Anderson
Daniel Jones
What a great balloon
Paul L. Mowers
Emi 1
What a set of idiots
All that money could have gone to the poor, but a tired insult was deemed more important. Are those the same values as Sadiq's?
The balloon is actually better-looking than the fat presidunce himself.
Mary Budesheim aka MaryPatriotNews.com
TY AMY!!! THIS IS FOR YOU --> https://marypatriotnews.com/antitrumprally-legend-basedamy-arrested-for-popping-baby-trump-blimp-ty-amy/
Quarantine Loon-don its an international embarrassment.
you got TRUMP'D
Fuck demon rats and antifa this is MAGA country 🇺🇸😝
afe nijmeijer
These people need to understand that without the USA (of which Donald Trump is the President) a lot of them would not be there to spit their dummies out. What a bunch of idiots. Your parents would not have been able to produce you brats because they would have been slaughtered by the Nazis.
Boz Songz
Trump Babysitters, please make a replica and send it to New York City for the next Thanksgiving Day Parade!
Andrew Gwilt
Thank goodness this thing has ended. 🍾🥳
Snowy Owel
Funny how the remainers are trying to pass themselves of as protesters we know it's mainly because the president spoke out in favour of BREXIT . London is a embarrassment to our country the president is here for the aniversary of the D,Day Landings the protesters are disrespecting our country's war dead this is not a time to be protesting shame on them .🇺🇸🇬🇧✌
jeck jeck
President Trump's grasp of the implications of climate change is nothing short of remarkable. I can honestly say that I have never heard any scientist, meteorologist, or other World leader with anywhere near the same level of understanding about a subject of this complexity. His ability to interpret such a serious situation and express it as something a five year old child would understand is a rare gift, and leaves us all I'm sure, speechless. It's almost as if he's being guided by something beyond mere human understanding. The kind of brain required to develop and maintain these thoughts rarely exists in our species, and the fact that we are witnessing it functioning in this President makes it all the more incredible. The word genius isn't even close.
mike ?
Least trump actually cares about his country unlike are fucking sack of shits don't give a fuck who comes in the country that's why its fucked trust me I live in rusholme
Rosebud Adkins
I vote to stay home the next time bombs fall on UK. Why bother the country is ruined.
Rosebud Adkins
At least Trump is duly elected.You have illegitimate royals. They are commoners and Brexit is setup to prove it. The assets the common so called royals stole from America will be and are returned. You Brits will look stupid. The focus should have been on all who died on D-Day. I think you all should learn Russian.
Mr Nobody
Tell ya what these wankers push ANOTHER old person to the floor i think ill pop over from Bermondsey and push some of these twats .
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What Did Queen Elizabeth Say to President We spent the day with the Trump baby 2 days ago   01:49

It was a day of pomp and pageantry as the Trumps visited Buckingham Palace to meet with the royal family. So what did President Trump tell Queen Elizabeth II? Inside Edition asked expert lip reader Larry Wenig to explain what the two were chatting about. It was a cordial exchange, with the queen telling Trump "thank you" and "well, so you're here,"  before gesturing at him to follow her. "Come along," she said, according to Wenig. The day was not without controversy, however.