The Coastline Paradox Explained What Does Earth Look 2 days ago   06:00

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The alleged Islamic God does not exist merely as a false illusion and Islam is a religion made by deceitful sincerity and fools and Quran is a human book contradictory and challenge to bring one such as illogical and unnecessary
Khwarizmi's discoveries have nothing to do with Islam by the way
So there is a sacred geometry behind the paradox
Just use the smallest reasonable measurement, the planck length.
Chris World
That’s why *strait borders*
Tuna Tezer
Once when I made a map of Europe Norway's coastline ended up being thiccer than anything else
Scott B
Yeah, this a good example of the inherent flaws of purely spatial reasoning.
I just loved the fact that the north of Ireland wasn't included as part of the U.K. Just as it should be. Drink poteen. Fuck the Queen. Up the IRA. TAL!
Itachi's Will
That sponsor segue was smooth asf
You could just define the "coastline" by a minimum depth of the water so that rivers and such that stretch inland are not counted because the water gets too shallow as it comes closer to land
Giovanny Ü Solis
and why dont they drive a car following the costline and measure how much did they drive, that would be quite accurate
Maybe you could do a path integral to find the length of the coastline?
Meera Charlotte
okay but why don't answer the question practically and take some thread go around GB and then after circling GB come back to your starting point, gather the thread and measure the heck out of it. learn from Ariadne guys.
Guilherme Chaves
wait... the UK is not a country... 0:50
America's coastline is the globe itself.
Daniel Agostinho
This just seems a mathematics calculus questions, where you multiply the smallest length you can measure, Δx, and the number of times you measured, n, and then you have the total measure Δx*n, notice that n is a function of Δx, the smaller Δx, the bigger is n, so you have an indeterminate form like 0*∞, and this means isn't ∞ or 0, it can have a value, you just need to take the limit as Δx → 0 of (Δx * n). There's no paradox here.
Parveena Tupsy
Apache none
Bruh use cm
Why doesn’t somebody just walk around Britain with a trundle wheel
Patrick Armstrong
This is a MORONIC video.
Obviously the maker of this video never studied calculus, calculating the area under a curve and limits.
The length of a coast line doesn't grow bigger the smaller the measurement unit.
It approaches it's limit (a finite number) and a more precise number.
As delta (unit of measure) approaches 0, the closer the function value approaches 1... not infinity
As to coast lines changing - true.
But that's why surveyors use lat/long co-ordinates.
If a coast line could be instantaneously surveyed, then one could calculate precisely the perimeter of a coastline at a specific point in time.
They would not need to consider the curvature of the earth if the unit is 1 foot.
Even a half-wit knows the answer that is so.
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What Does Earth Look The Coastline Paradox Explained 2 days ago   10:48

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