What Is A Paradox? Squaring a Doughnut 3 months ago   14:32

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“The Ways of Paradox and Other Essays” by Willard Van Orman Quine: https://www.amazon.com/Ways-Paradox-Other-Essays-Revised/dp/0674948378/

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“The Faint Young Sun Paradox!” by MinuteEarth: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/doanrf8K4vD


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The next sentence is true.
The first sentence is false.
Elena Gibbons
One of my favorite paradoxes is this one:

The second sentence is false.
The first sentence is true.
Game Masters
i was watching minute physics before this. allso years ago a meteor warmed the earth thus clouds and water
Roseheart Toxic
This statement is false
tucker's randomness
another antimony paradox is "yes it's opposite day"
Bende Janicsek
There are days when I watch a video similar to this and question my existence
and there are days when I re-watch a video and laugh at people who answer a facebook quiz all smug-like but are actually wrong and be happy about the fact I still have 2 braincells working
Captain Delly Delarouze
I have some ideas for the last antinomy.
1. At this time Earth had something inside that melted the water and later it just expired
2. There were more stars that heated Earth but they expired
3. We are wrong and sun was already hot enough or Earth was a big frozen ball
Hope you understand my poor English
Darth Buckethead
Never change. This is wrong. They are trying to play on your emotions. This is a non linear equation
say- what about the paradox i thought about.

Imagine an object, that gets smaller every minute... will it disappear?

lets say once the object was created it was 1. and as i said gets smaller every minute.
so after a minute it will be, lets give it a N - 0.2 algebra thingie.
so after a min it will be about 0.8 and then 0.6 and then 0.4 but wait-- this can go on forever going then 0.08 and 0.08
and eventually it will get to a 0.00000000000000008 and even more.
the object will NEVER disappear. the proof? the number will never get to be a negative. unless you teleport it outside our universe lol

now think about that the trash from millions of years ago still exists. not in one piece of course, but exist.
amelia robinson
I am the globgogabgalab
The swevildivlsvivleglobglab
inigo jugueta
Can't u just calculate the speed of Achilles and the tortoise
(While keeping in mind of the head start) then that means that Achilles will eventually reach the tortoise but there wouldn't really have micro gaps between Achilles and the tortoise

Pls tell me if this could be possible. I was just think of this in my mind
The sentence below is false
The sentence above is true
Sheharyar Alam
Sad Cast
So it means paradox infinite? Like
A.letter B
B.letter C
C. Letter D
D. letter A
Complimenting each other
Man A: ure handsome
Man B: nah. U are handsome
Man A: nah u are
Man B: nah u are

Me: why not both? Ure both handsome.
Like ure right yet wrong.. Yes im wrong but im right!
And i know that i dont know wht im talking about
Sad Cast
And here i am.. Di= dead lemma= animal
Ultra Boomer
Out of vsauce 1, 2, 3
I like 2 the best
Charmeleon Hockey Kid
I thought a paradox was like another universe or something
Jordan S.
He switched x and y during the camera cut lol. envelope number two has two circles in the middle which is one million dollars.
Jake from Geico
Do what fry did. Make your dad
Nitin Soni
Is blue colored?
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