Mugabe's address to Earth Summit Zimbabwe president Mugabe slams 2 days ago   03:37

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1. Various Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe, walking onto stage
2. SOUNDBITE: (English) Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe:
"Your excellencies we must examine why 10 years after Rio, the poor remain very much with us - poorer and far more exposed and vulnerable as ever before. Our children suffer from malnutrition and diseases, compounded by the deadly HIV-AIDS endemic. The betrayal of the collective agenda we set ourselves at Rio is a compelling manifestation of bad global governance, a lack of real political will by the north and a total absence of rule of law in international affairs."
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4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe:
"Indeed, ours is an Agrarian economy, an imperative that renders the issue of access to land paramount. In our situation, Mr. President, this fundamental question has pitted the black majority who are the right holders and therefore, primary stakeholders of our land, against an internationally well connected racial minority, largely of British descent, and brought in and sustained by British colonialism, now being supported and manipulated by the Blair government. We have said, even as we acquire our land, that we shall not deprive white farmers of land completely. Everyone of them is entitled to at least one farm - more than one farm indeed. Fifteen, twenty, thirty-five farms, one person. These are not figures I am getting out of my mind. They are real figures. So no farmer is being left without land."
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6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe:
"Let no one who is negative want to spoil what we are doing for ourselves, in order to unite Africa. We belong to this continent. We don't mind having and bearing sanctions banning us from Europe. We are not Europeans and we have not asked for any inch of Europe, or any spare inch of that territory. So Blair, keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe."
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8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe:
"People must always come first in sustainable development and later Africans come first in the development of Africa. Not as puppets, not as beggars but as a sovereign people. Thank-you."


Speaking at the Earth Summit in South Africa on Monday, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe attacked British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, telling him to stop interfering in Zimbabwean affairs.

Mugabe told gathered world leaders at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg, "Blair, keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe."

During his speech, Mugabe also defended his government's land reforms. He said white farmers in Zimbabwe were "an internationally well connected racial minority, largely of British descent, and brought in and sustained by British colonialism, now being supported and manipulated by the Blair government."

The British Prime Minister was not in the hall during Mugabe's speech.

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Yollanda Ticharwa
I miss you papa
Arimba Mwongera
Great mind president ever in Africa . Live long sir
Talkmore Maheya
yaaaa uuuum this speach is too much, mr President lets take a lead as Africans in African development not as puppets "
Nana Yao
the best president
Mundia Kamau
tom shongwe
A true African
Mupenzi Robzy
Thank u mugabe,may the most high bless you,
Austin Lee
Gutters Journalists really painted him black. Mugabe is a great leader!! How many blacks owned a land in Europe??
sizwe nduduzo
Africas greatest may God grant this man many more years
Thokozile Nyaungwa
We miss you Bob
Tineris Erik
how is the hunger there my friends?
eliot manjoro
Long live
Fatma Abri
Actually many zimbabweans speak ill of him.As much as he ruined what was once the pearl of africa but he did speak the truth to westerners who think they own this world.For this I thank u Mugabe
Steadmore Musenyi
Only man who told the honest truth, unfortunately for personal reasons
Dee Mil
my Father my Father...
MotherEarth Needs CLEANSING!
Well said, wiseman!
grace ruredzo
My President Ever .
Stink Dem
The man did nothing for us Zimbabweans all what he knew was to attack the Western countries as if they are the ones who destroyed our economy,Ian Smith left everything intact him and his Zanu Pf party started to loot ,taking even all the farms that he is talking about here for themselves,no ordinary Zimbabweans benefited from his land invasion,majority of Zimbabweans don’t see this evil man as a hero
R O'Malley
Excellent speech! We are not Europeans, we only ask to keep our Zimbabwe. Such a simple request but one that infuriates many a western leader.

Mugabe was no saint, but he was a strong leader who earnestly attempted to secure Zimbabwe's independence from western neo-colonialism. For that, he must be admired. He struggled his whole life to build a country and a continent that stood as a sovereign people. God bless him in the future.
John Chuol Biel
Powerful word by president Robert.
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Zimbabwe president Mugabe slams Mugabe's address to Earth Summit 2 days ago   03:03

Africa and the world today watched with amazement as the outgoing chairman of the African union Robert Mugabe blasted the United Nations, accusing it of having imperialist tendencies. Though not the first time he was taking on the UN and the west for what he calls sidelining the African continent, Mugabe’s speech appeared to have more venom today, as he threatened to mobilize the continent to ignore the United Nations if reforms are not instituted at the security council

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