cartoons being self-aware and breaking Best Fourth Wall Breaks 2 months ago   04:40

there were tons of examples but i couldn't find all the examples that I wanted to put in but here's a good amount

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Zaki A.
Chowder is the legend of 4th wall breaks, too bad it ended
0:12 DeviantArt in a nutshell
I came back after ddlc
Rob Hall
So that’s what a XK End Of The World Scenario looks like.
TheRoyal TriadVevo
1:34 breaking the 5th wall taking it to real life rather than just talkingg to the crowd or mentioning shit that ppl do irl
The Pianist
3:45 gmod when its laggy
The Pianist
Gumball breaks the 4th wall multiple times
2:22 2 years and finally realized that sonic refering to chris chan complaining about sonic's arms being blue
Jom Marcera
you forgot about the "teen titans go" breaks the 4th at the cartoon network
go get more 4th walls
and deadpool thats alot of 4th walls
The crust

Give me a high five!
Oooh Sonamy, Spicy!
Deadpool would love this
Cynical YT
1:25 I don’t like where this is going
laughable trash
the 4th wall HAS BEEN BROKEN
Benjamin Lehman
I love how all characters that we don’t understand have another character that does understand them and they repeat what they say like schnitzel.
Trey Brown
Chowder fucked the fourth wall up no hesitation 😂 Rada Rada Raaaaaada 💯
LovelyLina's Channel
Sonic: "Ooo, Sonamy! Spicy!"

Me: Umm, I'm thinking it's a dirty adult joke about 18+ fanfictions of Sonic X Amy.
I fucking love chowder so fucking much
Matthew Labbe
1:25 Tara Strong proving why she’s the queen of VA’s
0:45 sonic: "oooh, sonamy, spicy"

Me:....... Ok, this has to stop the shipping stuff please.
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Best Fourth Wall Breaks cartoons being self-aware and breaking 2 months ago   10:43

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