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The Sand Motor is a huge volume of sand which
will be applied in 2011 along the coast of South-
Holland at Ter Heijde. Trailing suction hopper
dredgers deposit the dredged sand from the sea
on land via rainbowing or through a pipeline.
Infl uenced by wind and water the sand gradually
spreads along the coast of South-Holland. This is
called 'Building with Nature'. The Sand Motor
will gradually change in shape and will eventually
be fully incorporated in the dunes and the beach.
The coast will be broader and safer.

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OK... Why this shape?
What function does the lake in the middle have?
this is cool...
sam bremers
Nederland waterbaas!
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Create & Open KML/KMZ Files The Sand Motor Virtual Model 1 day ago   04:01

NOTE: Due to Google Map’s changes, the last tutorial about how to open a KML/KMZ file in Google Maps now (9 November 2015) is NOT WORKING!!!
In the link you will find a step by step presentation (with pictures), which can be download in PDF.

This video is actually a 5 in 1 tutorial, in which you will see:
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• How to open a KML/KMZ file in Google Maps.