Round Beds Are Like Unicorns. DBC Mashup -Wedding Season - Mary 1 day ago   05:28

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Round beds are like unicorns, you've never actually seen one, until you do. To see more mythical creatures watch "I Can Get Whiter" by Mike P Burton only at

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vincent schoenekase
This guy is funnier than he looks, he's hilarious, my side hurts
Lesedi Motshumi
So you're naked and climbing up stairs 😂😂
Oscar Alvarez
Man this guy is great.
So freaking funny.
johnny llooddte
adhd but funnnnyyyy
Lol sounds like he hates his wifes body. What a shame
kelly johnson
The tub joke us funny, but what is funnier is being naked and wet trying to go down the stairs.
I Epic Wolfy
This guy looks like an adult Bobby Hill that's Polish.
Hamad Alsaadi
There are very few comedians I really don't like, but this is definitely one of them
Ken Ball
This guy is my hero!
Rick Bailey
4:30 Dear God!! Making so many married people rethink their clothe-less relationship...
Herman Langland
round bed suuuuuucks. We tried sleeping three in one. The middle one has to sleep like a plank taking up as little space as possible. One curling up like a fetus and the third one will always be that sucker who takes up 60% of the bed all by themself
Poodle Daddles
Sarahi Sarabia
he had so much coffee
Anyone else get a matterace ad after watching this?
Reika Ratnam
How can anyone even watch this cry baby
Wow, he must be a joy to be married to!
Jina Gibson
Ha haha, not hardly. Nice try. Weirdos and candy. Just opt for a slip and slide.
at a local thrift store..someone had donated a round bed. It had a partial domelike cover that was covered in a shaggy fabric. It had mirrors in the top of the dome and a working 8 track player. Two mirror topped side extentions. Oh the stories that thing could probably tell. Went in there the other day....and it was gone..
Laura Beebe
Happy anniversary! GET IN THE TUB! 😂😂😂
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DBC Mashup -Wedding Season - Mary Round Beds Are Like Unicorns. 1 day ago   07:23

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