D2 BASKETBALL PLAYER CRAZY OT DREW BEST of Drew League Season 1 day ago   22:23

Former D2 Guard Jordan Stevens made his official debut at Drew League with Nick Young's team MHP and got SwaggyP super hype!

The game went into OT and MHP secured their first victory over CITI.

Jordan Stevens finished with 25 points & Askia Booker with the game high 37 points with the game winner.

Jordan officially secured a roster spot with MHP for the rest of the Drew League season!
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Comments 523 Comments

Judah Is Rising
Who is #24 wit Jordan? These dudes together in the back court is a problem...25 in his debut off the bench?🤭🤭 I need to see a frank nitty vs. j stevens matchup ASAP...but #24 is a certified killa..this the second vid I’ve seen him close out the game with a game winner with Jordan dropping 20 plus on the low🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Demetrius Brown
Nick Young got that.. " IT'S YOUR #GRANDDADDY OUTFIT ON " he got a fisherman Gordon slash joggers outfit😲
Michael McCloud
2 Vids I seen with Booker hitting game winners 😳 dats tuff
marcell Sowells
colorado is d2
Paul Barton
They got the best backourt in the Drew league now!
Chris Stevens
That sequence at 17:59 XD
Troy Hood
Is it me of does this dude look like louded lux
Titus Charles
The lakers need to give him a try in the summer league
Steven's nice, but I really cant see him getting off like this against real NBA players.
Jayel Vision
Brandon Jennings is that u ? 😂
Jayel Vision
Brandon Jennings is that u ? 😂
Isaiah Ford
Dude, how do you get to play in the drew league?
Hes making it to the leauge
Savage Opress
Nick Young's brother (in blue) is the happiest nigga 😂😂 dude is always laughing and smiling eveytime i see him in a video.
Savage Opress
#24 is purely about buckets. Not sure where he is playing currently but he should atleast try for a g league team. He has the guard skills to make an nba roster for sure eventually if everything works out
Matt Flagg
#1 should be ejected for wearing his damn underwear out there, get some shorts that fit youngin, dont nobody want to see ya upper thighs in a gym full of dudes
How do u even play in the drew league
Jerome Rama
His a D2 player because he might be individual skill but not smart sometimes
Chris Lunan
0:32 👀
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BEST of Drew League Season D2 BASKETBALL PLAYER CRAZY OT DREW 1 day ago   16:34

Best Highlights from the 2017 Drew League Regular Season Finale.
Featuring: Chris Paul, James Harden, Nick Young, Iman Shumpert, DeMar DeRozan, Marvin Bagley, Tim Hardaway Jr, Dorell Wright, Baron Davis, The Game, Ron Artest III, Metta World Peace, Jordan Bell, Julius Randle and more!

Thanks to Drew League